Topics for Our Times
Policy Research for Disease Prevention
US Trends in Nutrient Intake
Stable Behaviors Associated with Adults' 10-Year Change in Body Mass Index and Likelihood of Gain at the Waist
Do Smokers Understand the Mortality Effects of Smoking? Evidence from the Health and Retirement Survey
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Use among Rural/Small Town and Urban Youth
Childhood Abuse and the Use of Inhalants
The AIDS Epidemic among Spanish Drug Users
Recent Trends in Breast Cancer Mortality among White and Black US Women
Race and Mammography Use in Two North Carolina Counties
Ethnic Differences in Birthweight
Cross-Cultural Measurements of Psychological Well-Being
Region of Birth and Mortality from Circulatory Diseases among Black Americans
Socioeconomic Status and Racial and Ethnic Differences in Functional Status Associated with Chronic Diseases
Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations
The Relationship between the Race/Ethnicity of Generalist Physicians and Their Care for Underserved Populations
An Experimental Analysis of Sociocultural Variables in Sales of Cigarettes to Minors
Psychiatric Disorders among American Indian and White Youth in Appalachia
Ethnic Differences in the Prevalence of Nonmalignant Respiratory Disease among Uranium Miners
Motor Vehicle Rollover and Static Stability
Relative Risk in the News Media
The Impact of Public Assistance Factors on the Immunization Levels of Children Younger than 2 Years
A Pricing Strategy to Promote Low-Fat Snack Choices through Vending Machines
A Persistent Rise in Mortality among Injection Drug Users in Rome, 1980 through 1992
Injection Drug Use among Homeless Adults with Severe Mental Illness
Antibody Testing and Condom Use among Heterosexual African Americans at Risk for HIV Infection
No Butts about It
Operation Tot Shots
Tuberculosis Screening at a Syringe Exchange Program
Interpreting HIV Prevalence and Incidence among Americans
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Quantifying the Expected vs Potential Impact of a Risk-Factor Intervention Program
Liver Transplants and the Decline in Deaths from Liver Disease
Alternative Models for Controlling Smoking among Adolescents
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The Driver's Role in Automobile Safety
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The End of the Chronic Disease Era
US HIV Prevalence Estimates
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