Flawed Gun Policy Research Could Endanger Public Safety
Ethical Dilemmas in Current Planning for Polio Eradication
Infant Survival, HIV Infection, and Feeding Alternatives in Less-Developed Countries
Preventing Unintended Pregnancy
Mortality Related to Sexually Transmitted Diseases in US Women, 1973 through 1992
Maternal Employment and Breast-Feeding
Some Correlates of Self-Rated Health for Australian Women
Frequent Attendance at Religious Services and Mortality over 28 Years
Routine Prenatal Screening for Congenital Heart Disease
The Campaign to Raise the Tobacco Tax in Massachusetts
The Association between the Purchase of a Handgun and Homicide or Suicide
The Effectiveness of a School-Based Curriculum for Reducing Violence among Urban Sixth-Grade Students
Profiles of Violent Youth
Milk, Dietary Calcium, and Bone Fractures in Women
Determining Injury at Work on the California Death Certificate
The Effect of High Altitude and Other Risk Factors on Birthweight
Reduced Probability of HIV Infection among Crack Cocaine-Using Injection Drug Users
Low Prevalences of HIV Infection and Sexually Transmitted Disease among Female Commercial Sex Workers in Mexico City
The Effects of an Abusive Primary Partner on the Condom Use and Sexual Negotiation Practices of African-American Women
The Decentralization of Syphilis Screening for Improved Care In Jamaican Public Clinics
Prenatal Health Behaviors and Psychosocial Risk Factors in Pregnant Women of Mexican Origin
The Relationship of Patient Reading Ability to Self-Reported Health and Use of Health Services
The Effectiveness of a Media-Led Intervention to Reduce Smoking among Vietnamese-American Men
Employee and Public Responses to Simulated Violations of No-Smoking Regulations in Spain
Weapon Carrying among Black Adolescents
Trends in Fatal Occupational Injuries and Industrial Restructuring in North Carolina in the 1980s
Increasing Car Seat Use for Toddlers from Inner-City Families
Assessing Children's Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure
Injuries to Bicyclists in Wuhan, People's Republic of China
Medical Necessity and Defined Coverage Benefits in the Oregon Health Plan
Condom-Carrying Behavior among College Students
A Call for Consistency in Defining Breast-Feeding
Improving Americans' Diet
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