Topics for Our Times
Questionable Data and Preconceptions
Mammography Screening for Women Aged 40 through 49-A Guidelines Saga and a Clarion Call for Informed Decision Making
National Health Care Reform and the 103rd Congress
Neighborhood Risk Factors for Low Birthweight in Baltimore
Evaluating OSHA's Ethylene Oxide Standard
The Effect of Cigarette Taxes on Cigarette Consumption, 1955 through 1994
Tobacco and Alcohol Use Behaviors Portrayed in Music Videos
The Use of Outpatient Mental Health Services in the United States and Ontario
The Distance to Community Medical Care and the Likelihood of Hospitalization
Hospital Use and Health Status of Women during the 5 Years following the Birth of a Premature, Low-Birthweight Infant
An International Comparison of Cancer Survival
Survival Rates for Four Forms of Cancer in the United States and Ontario
The Association of Drinking Water Source and Chlorination By-Products with Cancer Incidence among Postmenopausal Women in Iowa
An Evaluation of Educational Outreach to General Practitioners as Part of a Statewide Cervical Screening Program
The Costs and Effects of Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening in a Public Hospital Emergency Room
The Delivery of Preventive Services in Primary Care Practices according to Chronic Disease Status
State Legislators' Attitudes and Voting Intentions toward Tobacco Control Legislation
A Smoking Cessation Program at a Public Antenatal Clinic
An Association between the Heat-Humidity Index and Preterm Labor and Delivery
Vaginal Douching and Adverse Health Effects
State-Imposed Limits on Medicaid Reimbursement for Nursing Facility Care
Sunbathing Habits and Sunscreen Use among White Adults
Socioeconomic Status and Breast Cancer Mortality, 1989 through 1993
Industrial Workers' Health and Environmental Pollution under the New International Division of Labor
A Shipboard Outbreak of Tuberculosis in Mississippi and Louisiana, 1993 to 1994
The Adequacy of One Sputum Smear for Diagnosing Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Misusing the Term 'Artificial Fluoridation'
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