Public Participation in Medical Policy-Making and the Status of Consumer Autonomy
Sociometric Risk Networks and Risk for HIV Infection
Job Strain and Blood Pressure in African Americans
Psychiatric Symptoms in Adolescence as Predictors of Obesity in Early Adulthood
Youth and Violence on Local Television News in California
National Trends in the Mortality of Children with Sickle Cell Disease, 1968 through 1992
Quality Assessment of Fetal Death Records in Georgia
The Effects of a 2-Year Physical Education Program (SPARK) on Physical Activity and Fitness in Elementary School Students
Universal Radiographic Screening for Tuberculosis among Inmates upon Admission to Jail
The Impact of Parental Consent on the HIV Testing of Minors
Screening for Adolescent Smoking among Primary Care Physicians in California
Cigarette Smoking Attitudes and First Use among Third- through Sixth-Grade Students
Blood Lead Testing by Pediatricians
Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Children of Construction Workers
The Deterioration in Children's Nutritional Status in Rural Chad
The Effect of Vitamin A Supplementation on the Growth of Preschool Children in the Sudan
The Underreporting of Deaths of American Indian Children in California, 1979 through 1993
Mandatory Parental Involvement in Minors' Abortions
Providing Preventive Services in a Rural Area through a Public-Private Partnership
Bridging the Information Gap for Virginia Public Health Nurses
The Effect of a Community-Supported Alcohol Ban on Prenatal Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse
Public and Private Academic Medical Partnerships in Improving Nutritional Management in Phenylketonuria
Bottled Water Use in an Immigrant Community
Outercourse as a Safe and Sensible Alternative to Contraceptives
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