Can Dietary Interventions Change Diet and Cardiovascular Risk Factors? A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
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Condom Availability in New York City Public High Schools
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Quantifying the Future Impact of Disease on Society
Sudden Cardiac Death in Hispanic Americans and African Americans
Risk for Neural Tube Defect-Affected Pregnancies among Women of Mexican Descent and White Women in California
The Effects of Occupation-Based Social Position on Mortality in a Large American Cohort
Income Dynamics and Adult Mortality in the United States, 1972 through 1989
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Social Capital, Income Inequality, and Mortality
Social Differences in Health
Socioeconomic Differences in Hysterectomy
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The Relationship of Cigarette Prices and No-Smoking Bylaws to the Prevalence of Smoking in Canada
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A Community Research Model
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