Ethical Challenges Posed by Clinical Progress in AIDS
From Public Health Science to Prevention Policy
The Invisibility of Public Health
State Variations in Medicare Expenditures
Age, Time, and Cohort Effects on Functional Status and Self-Rated Health in Elderly Men
Prescription Drug Spending
Excess Mortality Attributable to Hip Fracture in White Women Aged 70 Years and Older
The Effects of Planned Duration of Residential Drug Abuse Treatment on Recovery and HIV Risk Behavior
Are the Best Coronary Artery Bypass Surgeons Identified by Physician Surveys?
Daytime Sleepiness
The Changing Distribution of HIV Infection
Improving Publicly Funded Substance Abuse Treatment
State Smoking Prevalence Estimates
Telephone Support as an Adjunct to Transdermal Nicotine in Smoking Cessation
Injury and Death Associated with Hospital Bed Side-Rails
Consequences of Foot Binding among Older Women in Beijing, China
The Contribution of Six Chronic Conditions to the Total Burden of Mobility Disability in the Dutch Population
A Two-Step Intervention to Increase Mammography among Women Aged 65 and Older
The Effect of Ordinances Requiring Smoke-Free Restaurants and Bars on Revenues
Thyroxine Values from Newborn Screening of 919 Infants Born before 29 Weeks' Gestation
Residential Lead-Based-Paint Hazard Remediation and Soil Lead Abatement
Dog Bite Incidence in the City of Pittsburgh
'Call Fast, Call 911'
Unintended Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding Behavior
Plasma Polychlorinated Biphenyl Levels in Dutch Preschool Children Either Breast-Fed or Formula-Fed during Infancy
Hepatitis A among Schoolchildren in a US-Mexico Border Community
Diabetes in Hawaii
An Investigation of Increased Tuberculosis Case Reports in Santa Clara County, California, 1993-1994
On 'Accidents'
Hepatitis C Virus Infection among Alaskan Drug Users
Lead and Other Metals in Play Kit and Craft Items Composed of Vinyl and Leather
Do We Ask too Much from Community-Level Interventions or from Intervention Researchers?
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