Leprosy and Tuberculosis
Primary HIV Infection-A Public Health Opportunity
AIDS Education in Tanzania
Sociodemographic Factors and the Variation in Syphilis Rates among US Counties, 1984 through 1993
The Impact of Influenza Epidemics on Mortality
Active and Passive Surveillance for Communicable Diseases in Child Care Facilities, Seattle-King County, Washington
Nutrient Intakes of Individuals from Food-Insufficient Households in the United States
In Utero Exposure to Famine and Subsequent Fertility
The Cost-Effectiveness of Alternative Methods of Nutrition Education for Hypercholesterolemic Children
The Standford Nutrition Action Program
Racial and Ethnic Differences in Determinants of Intrauterine Growth Retardation and Other Compromised Birth Outcomes
The Pattern of Maternal Weight Gain in Women with Good Pregnancy Outcomes
The Defeat of Philip Morris' 'California Uniform Tobacco Control Act'
The Relationship between Students' Sense of Their School as a Community and Their Involvement in Problem Behaviors
The Mental Health of Informal Caregivers in Ontario
Can Physicians Treat Tuberculosis? Report on a National Survey of Physician Practices
Incidence of Tuberculosis Infection among New York State Prison Employees
Compliance with Tuberculosis Drug Regimens
Maternal Acculturation and Childhood Immunization Levels among Children in Latino Families in Los Angeles
Geographic Analysis of Pertussis Infection in an Urban Area
The Epidemiology of Necrotizing Enterocolitis Infant Mortality in the United States
Cryptosporidiosis-Associated Mortality Following a Massive Waterborne Outbreak in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Predisposing Factors for Individuals' Lyme Disease Prevention Practices
Outbreak of Hepatitis A among Homosexual Men in Sydney
Behavior Intentions of the Public after Bans on Smoking in Restaurants and Bars
The Risk of Guillain-Barre Syndrome after Tetanus-Toxoid-Containing Vaccines in Adults and Children in the United States
On Paradigms, Community Participation, and the Future of Public Health
On Paradigms, Community Participation, and the Future of Public Health
The "Blockade" of Cuba
The "Blockade" of Cuba
Cause-of-Death Categories
Cause-of-Death Categories
Use of Capitated Reimbursement to Provide Comprehensive Management of Childhood Lead Poisoning
Physician Assisted Suicide and the Supreme Court
Public Policy and Environmental Noise
Books Recently Published in the Field of Public Health
Indicative Abstracts of Selected Titles (See preceding book list for bibliographic information)