Beyond Black Box Epidemiology
Use and Misuse of Population Attributable Fractions
Incidence and Predictors of Smokeless Tobacco Use among US Youth
Initiation of Use of Alcohol, Cigarettes, Marijuana, Cocaine, and Other Substances in US Birth Cohorts since 1919
Retention, HIV Risk, and Illicit Drug Use during Treatment
Race and the Risk of Fatal Injury at Work
An Evaluation of Safe Dates, an Adolescent Dating Violence Prevention Program
Obstetric Care and Payment Source
The Relationship between Suicide Risk and Sexual Orientation
A Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Trial, Using Folate Supplementation as an Example
Two Alternative Job Stress Models and the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease
Perceived Parental Burden and Service Use for Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders
Fifteen-Year Follow-Up of Smoking Prevention Effects in the North Karelia Youth Project
Intermittent Smokers
At-Risk Drinking in an HMO Primary Care Sample
Smoking Cessation, Weight Gain, and Changes in Cardiovascular Risk Factors during Menopause
Risk of Assaultive Violence and Alcohol Availability in New Jersey
A Voluntary Smokers' Registry
Predictors of Smoking among US College Students
HIV Seroprevalence among Street-Recruited Injection Drug and Crack Cocaine Users in 16 US Municipalities
Histories of Substance Use and Risk Behavior
National Survey of the States
Nicotine Concentration in the Hair of Nonsmoking Mothers and Size of Offspring
Preventing Scientific Misconduct
Ethical Dilemmas in Polio Eradication
Ethical Dilemmas in Polio Eradication
Means and Ends
Means and Ends
Persons with Disabilities
Persons with Disabilities
Breast Milk Compounds
Breast Milk Compounds
On Nurses
On Nurses
On Nurses
On Nurses
Norplant Coercion
Books Recently Published in the Field of Public Health
Indicative Abstracts of Selected Titles (See preceding book list for bibliographic information)