Preterm Birth
Abuse during Pregnancy
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Creating the Future of Public Health
Measuring the Burden of Disease
Vitamin K Prophylaxis in Less Developed Countries
The Decline in Rh Hemolytic Disease
Bringing Context Back into Epidemiology
Screening for Tuberculosis in Jail and Clinic Follow-Up after Release
Mortality Patterns among Adult Hispanics
The Preterm Prediction Study
Identifying Condom Users at Risk for Breakage and Slippage
Trends in Safety Belt Use by Demographics and by Type of State Safety Belt Law, 1987 through 1993
Results of the Teach Well Worksite Wellness Program
One-Year Follow-Up of Nutrition Education for Hypercholesterolemic Children
Correlates of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior in a Random Sample of Massachusetts High School Students
Young Maternal Age and Depressive Symptoms
Differences in Fertility Associated with Caffeinated Beverage Consumption
Violence during Pregnancy
Epidemic Obesity in the United States
An Ecological Study of the Effectiveness of Mammography in Reducing Breast Cancer Mortality
Early Detection of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip in the Netherlands
The Green Prescription Study
Blood Pressure Measurement and Antihypertensive Treatment in a Low-Income African-American Population
Global Disparities in Health and Human Rights
Making Health, Not War-Musings on Global Disparities in Health and Human Rights
Public Health Response to Rabies Exposure
Designing Messages to Reduce Infant Mortality
HIV Infection and AIDS in China
Breast Cancer Mortality Declining but Screening among Subpopulations Lags
CDC at 50
Validity of Adolescent Self-Reports of Cigarette Smoking
Wills and Cleary Respond
Books Recently Published in the Field of Public Health
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