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Implications of the Institute of Medicine Weight Gain Recommendations for Preventing Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Black and White Women
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The Impact of Short Interpregnancy Intervals on Pregnancy Outcomes in a Low-Income Population
Breast Cancer Detection
The Effects of Community Policies to Reduce Youth Access to Tobacco
Region of Birth and Black Diets
Dietary Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Serum Cholesterol in an Old Order Mennonite Community
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Comparison of 4 Questionnaires for Assessment of Fruit and Vegetable Intake
The Epidemiology of Raw Milk-Associated Foodborne Disease Outbreaks Reported in the United States, 1973 Through 1992
Milk Consumption in Older Americans
The Association of Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus With Perceived Quality of Life in a Biethnic Population
Trends in Cigarette Smoking
1996 Congressional Campaign Priorities of the AMA
Perinatal Mortality and Its Relationship to the Reporting of Low-Birthweight Infants
Cost-Effectiveness of a Community-Level HIV Risk Reduction Intervention
Pregnant Women as a Reservoir of Undetected Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Rural South Africa
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