A Vision of Social Justice as the Foundation of Public Health
The Past and Future of National Comprehensive Tobacco Control Legislation
Jonathan Mann, 1947-1998
Service System Integration, Access to Services, and Housing Outcomes in a Program for Homeless Persons With Severe Mental Illness
Substance Abuse and the Course of Welfare Dependency
The Effect of Expanding Medicaid Prenatal Services on Birth Outcomes
Return to Work Following Injury
Costs and Cost-Effectiveness of a Universal, School-Based Hepatitis B Vaccination Program
A Method for Estimating Solid Organ Donor Potential by Organ Procurement Region
Predictors of Homelessness Among Families in New York City
Neighbors for a Smoke Free North Side
Use of Multiple Surveys to Estimate Mortality Among Never, Current, and Former Smokers
A Longitudinal Study of Schoolchildren's Experience in the North Carolina Dental Medicaid Program, 1984 Through 1992
Socioeconomic Status, Neighborhood Social Conditions, and Neural Tube Defects
Social Factors, Treatment, and Survival in Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
The Effects of a Health Promotion-Health Protection Intervention on Behavior Change
Occupational Injuries Among Older Workers With Disabilities
Hypertension Control and Access to Medical Care in the Inner City
Physician Financial Incentives and Feedback
Rates of Intimate Partner Violence in the United States
Correlates of Injury to Women With Partners Enrolled in Batterer Treatment Programs
Poverty Area Residence and Changes in Physical Activity Level
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International Health and APHA
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Parting at the Crossroads
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Euphemism, Spin, and the Crisis in Organizational Life