What's a Mother to Do? Welfare, Work, and Family
The Safe Motherhood Initiative
Editor's Note
Silicone Breast Implants
Ethics, Epidemiology, and Law
Burden of Proof
The Effect of a Medicaid Managed Care Program on the Adequacy of Prenatal Care Utilization in Rhode Island
The Impact of Welfare Reform on Parents' Ability to Care for Their Children's Health
Maternal Intrapartum Temperature Elevation as a Risk Factor for Cesarean Delivery and Assisted Vaginal Delivery
Perinatal Risk and Severity of Illness in Newborns at 6 Neonatal Intensive Care Units
Consanguinity and Recurrence Risk of Stillbirth and Infant Death
Improving Access to Disability Benefits Among Homeless Persons With Mental Illness
Mortality Among Homeless Shelter Residents in New York City
Explaining Educational Differences in Mortality
Factors Associated With Refusal to Treat HIV-Infected Patients
The Prevalence and Health Burden of Self-Reported Diabetes in Older Mexican Americans
A Population-Based Study of Environmental Hazards in the Homes of Older Persons
An Epidemic of Congenital Syphilis in Jefferson County, Texas, 1994-1995
The Effects on Fetal Development of High alpha-Fetoprotein and Maternal Smoking
Method of Linking Medicaid Records to Birth Certificates May Affect Infant Outcome Statistics
Cost as a Barrier to Condom Use
Socioeconomic Status and Morbidity in the Last Years of Life
Ischemic Stroke Risk and Passive Exposure to Spouses' Cigarette Smoking
Mandatory Reporting of Intimate Partner Violence to Police
International Developments in Abortion Law from 1988 to 1998
Driving Through
Reinventing the Field Training Experience
Larimer County Tobacco and Youth Project
Is Epidemiology an Applied Science or a Technology?
Directly Observed Therapy for Tuberculosis
Does Directly Observed Therapy Work?
Heymann and Colleagues Respond
Directly Observed Therapy and Tuberculosis Treatment Completion
Bloch re
Jereb et al. re
Novick and Lipsman re
Frieden re
Bayer and Desvarieux Respond
Small Wars
Breast Feeding and Human Lactation
Rewinding Your Biological Clock
Pregnant Women on Drugs
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