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The Public Health Workforce
Methadone Dosing, Heroin Affordability, and the Severity of Addiction
Predicting Posttreatment Cocaine Abstinence for First-Time Admissions and Treatment Repeaters
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Drinking and Driving Among US High School Seniors, 1984-1997
Type of Alcoholic Drink and Risk of Major Coronary Heart Disease Events and All-Cause Mortality
The Impact of Smoking, Alcohol Consumption, and Physical Activity on Use of Hospital Services
Changes at the High End of Risk in Cigarette Smoking Among US High School Seniors, 1976-1995
Prevention of Relapse in Women Who Quit Smoking During Pregnancy
Maternal Cigarette Smoking and Invasive Meningococcal Disease
Smoking Cessation and Body Mass Index of Occupationally Active Men
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Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Mexican American Adults
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Darryl, a Cartoon-Based Measure of Cardinal Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in School-Age Children
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