Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Meeting Primary Oral Health Care Needs of HIV-Infected Women
Breathing Freely
Protecting Children From Lead Poisoning and Building Healthy Communities
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Sexual Mixing Patterns in the Spread of Gonococcal and Chlamydial Infections
Dental Care Access and Use Among HIV-Infected Women
Building Momentum
Income Inequality and Homicide Rates in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Unemployment and Foster Home Placements
Planning for Community-Oriented Health Systems
Linking Community-Based Blood Pressure Measurement to Clinical Care
Managed Care in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities
Definition and Prevalence of Sedentarism in an Urban Population
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The Prevalence of Low Income Among Childbearing Women in California
High-Risk Occupations for Breast Cancer in the Swedish Female Working Population
Health Care Coverage and Use of Preventive Services Among the Near Elderly in the United States
The Effect of Congenital Anomalies on Mortality Risk in White and Black Infants
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Premature Mortality in the United States
Sexual Health Risk Assessment and Counseling in Primary Care
Involving Men in Reproductive Health
Characteristics of Nurse-Midwife Patients and Visits, 1991
Access to Care for the Uninsured
The Impact of Medicaid Managed Care on Community Clinics in Sacramento County, California
Identifying Target Groups for a Potential Vaccination Program During a Hepatitis A Communitywide Outbreak
Maternal Minimum-Stay Legislation
A Randomized Trial of Breast Cancer Risk Counseling
Changes in Canadian Women's Mammography Rates Since the Implementation of Mass Screening Programs
Lower Body Osteoarticular Pain and Dose of Analgesic Medications in Older Disabled Women
Costs and Outcomes of Hip Fracture and Stroke, 1984 to 1994
Great Expectations
Hospital Volume and Survival of Breast Cancer Patients in Connecticut
Zidovudine and Reduction of Vertical Transmission of HIV in Africa
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Breaking the Walls of Silence
Immigrant Women's Health
On the Pill
Men, Gender Divisions, and Welfare
Postmodernity and the Fragmentation of Welfare
Unsettling Welfare
The 21st Century Health Care Leader
Women and Leadership in Health Care
Imagining Welfare Futures
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