Mind Matters
A World Behaving Badly
The Global Burden of Mental Disorders
Labor Day and the War on Workers
Evaluating the Public Health Impact of Health Promotion Interventions
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Public Conceptions of Mental Illness
Who Are "the Homeless"? Reconsidering the Stability and Composition of the Homeless Population
The Public's View of the Competence, Dangerousness, and Need for Legal Coercion of Persons With Mental Health Problems
Exploring the Effect of Depression on Physical Disability
Effects of Health Care Cost-Containment Programs on Patterns of Care and Readmissions Among Children and Adolescents
The Extent of Drug Therapy for Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder Among Children in Public Schools
Minimum-Age Drinking Laws and Youth Suicide, 1970-1990
Estimating the Prevalence of Disordered Gambling Behavior in the United States and Canada
Prenatal Effects of Maternal Smoking on Daughters' Smoking
An Invaluable Quick Reference Guide for All Practicing Health Professionals
The Health of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Managed Care in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities
Fruit and Vegetable Consumption and Prevention of Cancer
Effects of HIV Counseling and Testing on Sexual Risk Behavior
Prevalence and Correlates of Survival Sex Among Runaway and Homeless Youth
Trends in Perceived Cost as a Barrier to Medical Care, 1991-1996
Blood Pressure Level and Incidence of Myocardial Infarction Among Patients Treated for Hypertension
Prevalence of Self-Reported Nutrition-Related Health Problems in the Lower Mississippi Delta
The Abuela Project
Lobbying and Advocacy for the Public's Health
Ergonomics and the Dental Care Worker
A Safe Haven
Countering Pro-Tobacco Influences at the Racetrack
Awareness and Motivation of Japanese Donors of Blood for Research
The Effect of Plain Packaging on Response to Health Warnings
Prison Madness
Random Violence
The House of Joshua
The Culture of Fear
The Vulnerable Child, Vol 3
Creating Excellence in Crisis Care
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Electronic Resources Related to Mental Health
Sex Differences in Cardiovascular Disease Mortality
Household Gun Ownership
Household Gun Ownership
Parental Attitudes and Childhood Immunization
Parental Attitudes and Childhood Immunization