Prospects for a Public Health Perspective on Psychoactive Drug Use
Achieving the Implausible in the Next Decade's Tobacco Control Objectives
New NHLBI Clinical Guidelines for Obesity and Overweight: Will They Promote Health?
Historical and Cultural Roots of Drinking Problems Among American Indians
HIV Incidence Among Injection Drug Users in New York City, 1992-1997: Evidence for a Declining Epidemic
The Dynamics of Alcohol and Marijuana Initiation: Patterns and Predictors of First Use in Adolescence
The Relationship Between External Threats and Smoking in Central Harlem
Trends in Adult Cigarette Smoking in California Compared With the Rest of the United States, 1978-1994
The Impact of an Antismoking Media Campaign on Progression to Established Smoking: Results of a Longitudinal Youth Study
Characterizing and Identifying "Hard-Core" Smokers: Implications for Further Reducing Smoking Prevalence
Maternal Smoking and Adverse Birth Outcomes Among Singletons and Twins
Smoking Prevalence in 2010: Why the Healthy People Goal Is Unattainable
Predictors of Continued Smoking Over 25 Years of Follow-Up in the Normative Aging Study
Tobacco Marketing and Adolescent Smoking: More Support for a Causal Inference
Women and Smoking in Hollywood Movies: A Content Analysis
Tobacco and Alcohol Use During Pregnancy and Risk of Oral Clefts
Maternal Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy and Infant Ponderal Index at Birth in the Swedish Medical Birth Register, 1991-1992
Minimal Smoking Cessation Interventions in Prenatal, Family Planning, and Well-Child Public Health Clinics
The Effects of Race/Ethnicity and Income on Early Childhood Asthma Prevalence and Health Care Use
Quality of Diabetes Care in Community Health Centers
Hospitalization of Homeless Persons With Tuberculosis in the United States
Reaching Out to the Underserved: A Successful Volunteer Program
Smoked: Why Big Tobacco Is Still Smiling.
Encyclopedia of Smoking and Tobacco.
Changing Addictive Behavior: Bridging Clinical and Public Health Strategies.
Seven Sensible Strategies for Drug-Free Kids.
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Electronic Resources Related to Alcohol and Substance Use
The Effect of the Law on Underage Drinking and Driving
The Effect of the Law on Underage Drinking and Driving
Vaccination Strategies for Targeted and Difficult-to-Access Groups
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