Time for a National Agenda to Improve the Health of Urban Populations
Getting Political: Racism and Urban Health
The Neglected Epidemic and the Surgeon General's Report: A Call to Action for Better Oral Health
It's Time We Became a Profession
Water Quality Laws and Waterborne Diseases: Cryptosporidium and Other Emerging Pathogens
Small Taxes on Soft Drinks and Snack Foods to Promote Health
Community, Service, and Policy Strategies to Improve Health Care Access in the Changing Urban Environment
Urban Issues in Health Promotion Strategies
To Mitigate, Resist, or Undo: Addressing Structural Influences on the Health of Urban Populations
"Going Public" in the Journal
Breath of Life: Stories of Asthma From an Exhibition at the National Library of Medicine
Creating a Community Report Card: The San Diego Experience
Dr Louis T. Wright and the NAACP: Pioneers in Hospital Racial Integration
For the Welfare of Children: The Origins of the Relationship Between US Public Health Workers and Pediatricians
State Welfare Reform Policies and Declines in Health Insurance
Gender Differences in Health Care Access Indicators in an Urban, Low-Income Community
Health Insurance Coverage of Immigrants Living in the United States: Differences by Citizenship Status and Country of Origin
What People Really Know About Their Health Insurance: A Comparison of Information Obtained From Individuals and Their Insurers
Asthma and Latino Cultures: Different Prevalence Reported Among Groups Sharing the Same Environment
The Effect of a Needle Exchange Program on Numbers of Discarded Needles: A 2-Year Follow-Up
Helping Women Quit Smoking: Results of a Community Intervention Program
Dietary Supplements and Physical Exercise Affecting Bone and Body Composition in Frail Elderly Persons
Mobility Impairments and Use of Screening and Preventive Services
The Association Between Greater Continuity of Care and Timely Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination
Menopausal Hormones and Breast Cancer in a Biracial Population
Acute Hazards to Young Children From Residential Pesticide Exposures
Prevalence of Home Pregnancy Testing Among Adolescents
Effects of After-School Physical Activity on Fitness, Fatness, and Cognitive Self-Perceptions: A Pilot Study Among Urban, Minority Adolescent Girls
The Society and Population Health Reader, Volume 1: Income Inequality and Health.
The Society and Population Health Reader, Volume 2: A State and Community Perspective.
Social Determinants of Health.
The Sanitary City: Urban Infrastructure in America From Colonial Times to the Present.
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A Reply to Sullivan's Reanalysis of Managed Care Plan Performance Since 1980
Sullivan Responds
Objectivity and Advocacy Are Not Contradictory Goals
Objectivity and Advocacy Are Not Contradictory Goals
Social Capital and Self-Rated Health: Support for a Contextual Mechanism
Misperceptions of "Objective Measurements"?
Misperceptions of "Objective Measurements"?
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