Managed Care and Public Health
Not-So-Strange Bedfellows: Public Health and Managed Care
Latino Child Health: Need for Inclusion in the US National Discourse
"Children's Clinic," by Mabel Dwight
The Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring Network: Constructing and Operating a Statewide Epidemiologic Intelligence System
Editor's Note: Public Health Nihilism Revisited
After Cairo: Women's Reproductive and Sexual Health, Rights, and Empowerment
The Great Population Debates: How Relevant Are They for the 21st Century?
Population and Reproductive Health: Where Do We Go Next?
Type of Health Insurance and the Quality of Primary Care Experience
Parental Employment and Health Insurance Coverage Among School-Aged Children With Special Health Care Needs
The Effect of Capitated Financing on Mental Health Services for Children and Youth: The Colorado Experience
An International Comparison of Cancer Survival: Metropolitan Toronto, Ontario, and Honolulu, Hawaii
Serving Street-Dwelling Individuals With Psychiatric Disabilities: Outcomes of a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Clinical Trial
The Effects of Race/Ethnicity, Income, and Family Structure on Adolescent Risk Behaviors
Suicide Acts in 8 States: Incidence and Case Fatality Rates by Demographics and Method
The Effect of Income Inequality on the Health of Selected US Demographic Groups
Excess Mortality Among Urban Residents: How Much, for Whom, and Why?
Epidemiology of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in a South African Community in the Western Cape Province
Working Together? Organizational and Market Determinants of Collaboration Between Public Health and Medical Care Providers
Attitudes and Practices Regarding Varicella Vaccination Among Physicians in Minnesota: Implications for Public Health and Provider Education
Length of Stay and Hospital Readmission for Persons With Disabilities
The Relation of Socioeconomic Factors and Racial/Ethnic Differences in US Asthma Mortality
Lessons Learned From the Tobacco Industry's Efforts to Prevent the Passage of a Workplace Smoking Regulation
Outreach Developmental Services to Children of Patients in Treatment for Substance Abuse
Trends in Crime and the Introduction of a Needle Exchange Program
Giving Means Receiving: The Protective Effect of Social Capital on Binge Drinking on College Campuses
Self-Reported Health and Prior Health Behaviors of Newly Admitted Correctional Inmates
Factors Influencing a Community wide Campaign to Administer Hepatitis A Vaccine to Men Who Have Sex With Men
Evaluation of Medicaid Managed Care for Children: Access and Satisfaction
The Social Security Administration "Presumed Living" Search
A Survey of Men Who Have Sex With Men: Mainland China
Combating Dental Disease
Improving Dental Health
Improving Dental Health
Depression and the Association of Smoking and Suicide
Depression and the Association of Smoking and Suicide
Job Opportunities
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