With 4 million deaths per year attributable to smoking
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The "truth" Tobacco Memorial
Cigarettes and the US Public Health Service in the 1950s
Trends in Cigarette Smoking in 36 Populations From the Early 1980s to the Mid-1990s: Findings From the WHO MONICA Project
Ten-Year Changes in Smoking Among Young Adults: Are Racial Differences Explained by Socioeconomic Factors in the CARDIA Study?
Tobacco Use Among High School Students in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Variation in Youthful Risks of Progression From Alcohol and Tobacco to Marijuana and to Hard Drugs Across Generations
Influence of a Counteradvertising Media Campaign on Initiation of Smoking: The Florida "truth" Campaign
Simulated Effect of Tobacco Tax Variation on Population Health in California
The New Battleground: California's Experience With Smoke-Free Bars
Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Periodontal Disease in the United States
Association of Smoking With Serum and Dietary Levels of Antioxidants in Adults: NHANES III, 1988-1994
The Impact of Behavioral Counseling on Stage of Change in Fat Intake, Physical Activity, and Cigarette Smoking in Adults at Increased Risk of Coronary Heart Disease
The Benefits of Interventions for Work-Related Stress
Do Socioeconomic Disadvantages Persist Into Old Age? Self-Reported Morbidity in a 29-Year Follow-Up of the Whitehall Study
Smoking During Pregnancy in Finland: Determinants and Trends, 1987-1997
Exposure of Adolescent Girls to Cigar Images in Women's Magazines, 1992-1998
The Cigar Revival and the Popular Press: A Content Analysis, 1987-1997
Television Campaigns and Adolescent Marijuana Use: Tests of Sensation Seeking Targeting
Tobacco Use and Quit Attempts Among Methadone Maintenance Clients
Support for Smoke-Free Restaurants Among Massachusetts Adults, 1992-1999
Maternal Smoking and the Risk of Early Weaning: A Meta-Analysis
Intention to Use the Female Condom Following a Mass-Marketing Campaign in Lusaka, Zambia
Where Children Sit in Cars: The Impact of Rhode Island's New Legislation
Importance of Attributable Risk in Monitoring Adverse Events After Immunization: Hepatitis B Vaccination in Children
When Is a Cigar Not a Cigar? African American Youths' Understanding of "Cigar" Use
Diabetes Care in Community Health Centers: A Reasonable Standard of Comparison?
Improving Diabetes Care in Community Health Centers
Improving Diabetes Care in Community Health Centers
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