Is Economic Policy Health Policy?
Dr Button and the Airplane
The Essential Tension Between Absolute and Relative Causality
Cancer Culture: Epidemics, Human Behavior, and the Dubious Search for New Risk Factors
The Search for Cancer Risk Factors: When Can We Stop Looking?
The Privatization of Risk
The Influence of Geopolitical Change on the Well-Being of a Population: The Berlin Wall
Can Legislation Prevent Debauchery? Mother Gin and Public Health in 18th-Century England
State-Level Income Inequality and Individual Mortality Risk: A Prospective, Multilevel Study
All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality of Immigrants and Native Born in the United States
Efficacy of a Preventive Intervention for Youths Living With HIV
Selective Risk Taking Among Needle Exchange Participants: Implications for Supplemental Interventions
Evaluating OSHA's Ethylene Oxide Standard: Exposure Determinants in Massachusetts Hospitals
A Comparison of Knowledge and Attitudes About Diet and Health Among 35- to 75-Year-Old Adults in the United States and Geneva, Switzerland
Trends in Infectious Disease Hospitalizations Among American Indians and Alaska Natives
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy, and the Cost-Effectiveness of Smoking Cessation Intervention
Pregnancy Complications and Outcomes Among Overweight and Obese Nulliparous Women
Prevalence and Predictors of Physical Partner Abuse Among Mexican American Women
Dieting and Smoking Initiation in Early Adolescent Girls and Boys: A Prospective Study
The Impact of Referral to a Primary Physician on Cervical Cancer Screening
Trends in Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor Prevalence Among Male Transport Workers: Bulgaria, 1986 to 1997
Medicaid Managed Care in New York City: Recent Performance and Coming Challenges
Emergency Department Screening for Asymptomatic Sexually Transmitted Infections
A Definition of "Social Environment"
Public Health Is Already a Profession
Professionalizing Public Health
Professionalizing Public Health
"Regularizing" Public Health Practitioners
"Regularizing" Public Health Practitioners
It's Time We Became More Political as a Profession
It's Time We Became More Political as a Profession
Educating the Public Health Workforce
Political Competencies and Public Health Leadership
Prevention of Toddler Drowning in Pools: Isolation vs Perimeter Fencing
Prevention of Toddler Drowning in Pools: Isolation vs Perimeter Fencing
A Thank You to Reviewers
20001: Expanded Family and Medical Leave
20002: Reducing the Incidence of Blindness, Lower Extremity Amputation, and Oral Health Complications in Minority Populations Due to Diabetes
20003: Preserving Consumer Choice in an Era of Religious/Secular Health Industry Mergers (Position Paper)
20004: Supporting Access to Midwifery Services in the United States (Position Paper)
20005: Effective Interventions for Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health
20006: Making Medicines Affordable: the Price Factor (Position Paper)
20007: Support for a New Campaign for Universal Health Care
20008: Affirming the Importance of Regulating Pesticide Exposures to Protect Public Health
20009: Support for International Action to Eliminate Persistent Organic Pollutants
200010: Creating Healthier School Facilities
200011: The Precautionary Principle and Children's Health
200012: Reducing the Rising Rates of Asthma
200013: Maximizing Public Health Protection with Integrated Vector Control
200014: Protecting OSHA's Jurisdiction over Home Workplaces
200015: Drinking Water Quality and Public Health (Position Paper)
200016: Effective Public Health Assessment, Prevention, Response, and Training for Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases, including Bioterrorism
200017: Confirming Need for Protective National Health-Based Air Quality Standards
200018: Public Health Impacts of Job Stress
200019: Public Health Role of the National Fire Protection Association in Setting Codes and Standards for the Built Environment
200020: Raising Income to Protect Health
200021: International Trade Policy and Issues of Improving Access to Drugs for HIV/AIDS and Other Life-Threatening and Disabling Diseases
200022: Joint Resolution in Support of National Public Health Performance Standards Program
200023: The Need for Continued and Strengthened Support for Immunization Programs
200024: International Digest of Health Legislation
200025: Eliminating Access Barriers in Public Health Meetings
200026: International Multilateral and Bilateral Debt Relief
200027: Encourage Healthy Behavior by Adolescents
200028: Ensuring Optimal Vision Performance in Visually At Risk Drivers
200029: The Need for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services for the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
200030: Preventing Genocide
200031: Criteria for Assessing the Quality of Health Information on the Internet
200032: Discontinuation of the Use of the Island-Municipality of Vieques, P.R., for the US Navy's Training Exercises
00-LB-2: Opposition to the CRACK Campaign
00-LB-3: Restoration of Nutrition and Health Benefits Eligibility to Documented Immigrants
LB-00-4: Resolution to Improve the Social Conditions that Contribute to Health
LB-00-5: Addressing the Use of Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics in Agriculture
LB-00-6: Establishment of a Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
LB-00-7: Support the Framework for Action on Oral Health in America: A Report of the Surgeon General
LB-00-8: Trust Fund for Developing Countries to Meet National Commitment under the WHO Framework Convention for Tobacco Control
LB-00-9: Participation of Health Professionals in Capital Punishment
LB-00-10: Condemnation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Retaliatory Tactics
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