"Salus Populi Suprema Lex": The Health of the People is the Supreme Law
A New Paradigm for HIV Care: Ethical and Clinical Considerations
Vieques, Puerto Rico: An Island Under Siege
Syringe Prescription to Prevent HIV Infection in Rhode Island: A Case Study
Keeping the M in MTCT: Women, Mothers, and HIV Prevention
Where is the M in MTCT? The Broader Issues in Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV
Syphilis Control During Pregnancy: Effectiveness and Sustainability of a Decentralized Program
Terrorism, Biological Weapons, and Bonanzas: Assessing the Real Threat to Public Health
Hospital Preparedness for Victims of Chemical or Biological Terrorism
Good Intentions and the Road to Bioterrorism Preparedness
Biological and Chemical Terrorism Defense: A View From the "Front Lines" of Public Health
Preemptive Biopreparedness: Can We Learn Anything From History?
Barriers to Universal Prenatal HIV Testing in 4 US Locations in 1997
Zip Code-Level Risk Factors for Tuberculosis: Neighborhood Environment and Residential Segregation in New Jersey, 1985-1992
Evaluation of Indicated Suicide Risk Prevention Approaches for Potential High School Dropouts
Child Sexual Abuse and Subsequent Psychopathology: Results From the National Comorbidity Survey
Depression and Substance Use in Minority Middle-School Students
Use of Antiretroviral Therapies Among HIV-Infected Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Household-Based Sample of 4 Major American Cities
The Impact of Harm-Reduction-Based Methadone Treatment on Mortality Among Heroin Users
Food Insufficiency, Family Income, and Health in US Preschool and School-Aged Children
A Seat at the Table: Membership in Federal Advisory Committees Evaluating Public Policy in Genetics
Laws Prohibiting Over-the-Counter Syringe Sales to Injection Drug Users: Relations to Population Density, HIV Prevalence, and HIV Incidence
Recency of Immigration, Substance Use, and Sexual Behavior Among Massachusetts Adolescents
Women in Jail: Is Substance Abuse Treatment Enough?
Lowered Legal Blood Alcohol Limits for Young Drivers: Effects on Drinking, Driving, and Driving-After-Drinking Behaviors in 30 States
Racial/Ethnic Differences in Attitudes Toward Seeking Professional Mental Health Services
Unintended Pregnancy and Low Birthweight in Ecuador
Community Assessment in a Vertically Integrated Health Care System
New Jersey's Electronic Birth Certificate Program: Variations in Data Sources
Subgroup-Specific Effects of Questionnaire Wording on Population-Based Estimates of Mammography Prevalence
An Assessment of the Ability of Routine Restaurant Inspections to Predict Food-Borne Outbreaks in Miami-Dade County, Florida
A Terse Amendment Produces Broad Change in Data Access
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Urine Pregnancy Tests Prior to Menstrual Regulation in Vietnam
Methods in Survey Research: Evidence for the Reliability of Group Administration vs Personal Interviews
Tobacco Supply Control Program
Tobacco Supply Control Program
Job Opportunities
Journal-Based Education Program Registration Form