Property, Politics, and Public Health
An HIV Agenda for the New Administration
HIV in the Late 1990s: What We Don't Know May Hurt Us
"You Can Help Defeat Cancer": A Multi-Cultural Society Confronts a Disease
The Serostatus Approach to Fighting the HIV Epidemic: Prevention Strategies for Infected Individuals
Journals of the Plague Years: Documenting the History of the AIDS Epidemic in the United States
Expanding the Research Infrastructure for Lesbian Health
Zoning, Equity, and Public Health
Measles Elimination: A Mass Immunization Campaign in Romania
The Color Line: Race Matters in the Elimination of Health Disparities
Them and Us: The Politics of Population Taxonomy
Paradigm Lost: Race, Ethnicity, and the Search for a New Population Taxonomy
Jogging and Bone Mineral Density in Men: Results From NHANES III
HIV in the United States at the Turn of the Century: An Epidemic in Transition
Biomechanical and Psychosocial Risk Factors for Low Back Pain at Work
Causal Influence of Car Mass and Size on Driver Fatality Risk
Underuse of Invasive Procedures Among Medicaid Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction
Effects of Alcohol-Related Disease on Hip Fracture and Mortality: A Retrospective Cohort Study of Hospitalized Medicare Beneficiaries
Mental Health Services for Youths in Foster Care and Disabled Youths
Counteracting Tobacco Motor Sports Sponsorship as a Promotional Tool: Is the Tobacco Settlement Enough?
Remission From Drug Abuse Over a 25-Year Period: Patterns of Remission and Treatment Use
On the Wrong Side of the Tracts? Evaluating the Accuracy of Geocoding in Public Health Research
Circumstances at HIV Diagnosis and Progression of Disease in Older HIV-Infected Americans
Epidemiologic Trends in the Hospitalization of Elderly Medicare Patients for Pneumonia, 1991-1998
Measuring Statewide Merchant Compliance With Tobacco Minimum Age Laws: The Massachusetts Experience
Immunization and Symptoms of Atopic Disease in Children: Results From the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood
Tobacco, Betel Quid, Alcohol, and Illicit Drug Use Among 13- to 35-Year-Olds in I-Lan, Rural Taiwan: Prevalence and Risk Factors
Activity Limitations Reported in the National Health Interview Survey: An Anomaly and Its Effect on Estimates of National Well-Being
California Adolescents Offer a Glimpse Into the Future of Multiethnicity
Emergency Contraceptive Pills Can Prevent Abortion
Adults Buy Cigarettes for Underaged Youths
Population Growth
Population Growth
Do Census Data Reflect True Female Mortality?
Do Census Data Reflect True Female Mortality?
2000 Presidential Address: Eliminating Health Disparities
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APHA 129th Annual Meeting & Exposition
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