Evaluation and Public Health
Improving the Reporting Quality of Nonrandomized Evaluations of Behavioral and Public Health Interventions: The TREND Statement
"An Eventful Epoch in the History of Your Lives"
Today's Health Problems and Health Education
Mayhew Derryberry: Pioneer of Health Education
Sample Size Estimation in Research With Dependent Measures and Dichotomous Outcomes
Achieving National Health Objectives: The Impact on Life Expectancy and on Healthy Life Expectancy
Is It Time to Reassess the Categorization of Disease Burdens in Low-Income Countries?
On the Classification of Population Health Measurements
Design and Analysis of Group-Randomized Trials: A Review of Recent Practices
Evidence-Based Public Health: Moving Beyond Randomized Trials
The Multi-Country Evaluation of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness Strategy: Lessons for the Evaluation of Public Health Interventions
Pitfalls of and Controversies in Cluster Randomization Trials
Design and Analysis of Group-Randomized Trials: A Review of Recent Methodological Developments
The Burden of Disease From Undernutrition and Overnutrition in Countries Undergoing Rapid Nutrition Transition: A View From Brazil
Diabetes Prevalence Among Puerto Rican Adults in New York City, NY, 2000
Does Walking 15 Minutes per Day Keep the Obesity Epidemic Away? Simulation of the Efficacy of a Populationwide Campaign
Associations of Perceived Social and Physical Environmental Supports With Physical Activity and Walking Behavior
Prevalence of Secondary Conditions Among People With Disabilities
An Outcome Evaluation of the SOS Suicide Prevention Program
A Population-Based Registry Study of Infant Mortality in the Arctic: Greenland and Denmark, 1973-1997
Childhood Overweight in a New York City WIC Population
Fruits, Vegetables, Milk, and Sweetened Beverages Consumption and Access to à la Carte/Snack Bar Meals at School
Relative Weight and Income at Different Levels of Socioeconomic Status
Measuring the Environment for Friendliness Toward Physical Activity: A Comparison of the Reliability of 3 Questionnaires
Socioeconomic Barriers to Informed Decisionmaking Regarding Maternal Serum Screening for Down Syndrome: Results of the French National Perinatal Survey of 1998
Policy Statements Adopted by the Governing Council of the American Public Health Association, November 18, 2003
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