The Solution Is Injury Prevention
Injury Prevention Research at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Integrating the Environment, the Economy, and Community Health: A Community Health Center's Initiative to Link Health Benefits to Smart Growth
Policies of Inclusion
Factory Injuries and Progressive Reform
Confronting the Challenges in Reconnecting Urban Planning and Public Health
Ranking of Cities According to Public Health Criteria: Pitfalls and Opportunities
Cost Analysis of the Built Environment: The Case of Bike and Pedestrian Trials in Lincoln, Neb
The Epidemic of Pediatric Traffic Injuries in South Florida: A Review of the Problem and Initial Results of a Prospective Surveillance Strategy
Florida's Motorcycle Helmet Law Repeal and Fatality Rates
Femur Fractures in Infants and Young Children
Asthma, Wheezing, and Allergies in Russian Schoolchildren in Relation to New Surface Materials in the Home
The Impact of the SARS Epidemic on the Utilization of Medical Services: SARS and the Fear of SARS
Health Effects Associated With Recreational Coastal Water Use: Urban Versus Rural California
Raised Speed Limits, Speed Spillover, Case-Fatality Rates, and Road Deaths in Israel: A 5-Year Follow-Up
Knee Pain and Driving Duration: A Secondary Analysis of the Taxi Drivers' Health Study
Estimating Capacity Requirements for Mental Health Services After a Disaster Has Occurred: A Call for New Data
The Economic Burden of Hospitalizations Associated With Child Abuse and Neglect
Somali and Oromo Refugees: Correlates of Torture and Trauma History
Gender Differences in Long-Term Health Consequences of Physical Abuse of Children: Data From a Nationally Representative Survey
Prevalence and 3-Year Incidence of Abuse Among Postmenopausal Women
Protection Orders and Intimate Partner Violence: An 18-Month Study of 150 Black, Hispanic, and White Women
Assessing the Long-Term Effects of the Safe Dates Program and a Booster in Preventing and Reducing Adolescent Dating Violence Victimization and Perpetration
Community Violence and Asthma Morbidity: The Inner-City Asthma Study
Social Disparities in Housing and Related Pediatric Injury: A Multilevel Study
Parental Social Determinants of Risk for Intentional Injury: A Cross-Sectional Study of Swedish Adolescents
A Matched Case-Control Study Evaluating the Effectiveness of Speed Humps in Reducing Child Pedestrian Injuries
Housing First, Consumer Choice, and Harm Reduction for Homeless Individuals With a Dual Diagnosis
Housing Characteristics and Children's Respiratory Health in the Russian Federation
Metropolitan-Area Estimates of Binge Drinking in the United States
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