Disentangling Health Disparities Through National Surveys
Immigration and Mental Health: Diverse Findings in Asian, Black, and Latino Populations
Going Beyond "ABC" to Include "GEM": Critical Reflections on Progress in the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
A Research Protocol to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Public-Private Partnerships as a Means to Improve Health and Welfare Systems Worldwide
Informed Consent: An International Researchers' Perspective
A Statewide Public Health Approach to Improving Organ Donation: The Massachusetts Organ Donation Initiative
Funding of North Carolina Tobacco Control Programs Through the Master Settlement Agreement
Fertility Regulation and Reproductive Health in the Millennium Development Goals: The Search for a Perfect Indicator
The Mental Health of Black Caribbean Immigrants: Results from the National Survey of American Life
Use of Mental Health Services and Subjective Satisfaction With Treatment Among Black Caribbean Immigrants: Results From the National Survey of American Life
Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders Across Latino Subgroups in the United States
Correlates of Past-Year Mental Health Service Use Among Latinos: Results From the National Latino and Asian American Study
Immigration-Related Factors and Mental Disorders Among Asian Americans
Use of Mental Health-Related Services Among Immigrant and US-Born Asian Americans: Results From the National Latino and Asian American Study
Prevalence of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in a Coastal Fishing Village in Tamil Nadu, India, After the December 2004 Tsunami
Associations Between Family Support, Family Intimacy, and Neighborhood Violence and Physical Activity in Urban Adolescent Girls
Impact of California's Proposition 36 on the Drug Treatment System: Treatment Capacity and Displacement
Assessment of HIV Testing of Urban Injection Drug Users: Implications for Expansion of HIV Testing and Prevention Efforts
Multilevel Community-Based Intervention to Increase Access to Sterile Syringes Among Injection Drug Users Through Pharmacy Sales in New York City
Sexual and Drug Behavior Patterns and HIV and STD Racial Disparities: The Need for New Directions
Best-Evidence Interventions: Findings From a Systematic Review of HIV Behavioral Interventions for US Populations at High Risk, 2000-2004
Characteristics of Persons With Heterosexually Acquired HIV Infection, United States 1999-2004
Explaining Recent Declines in Adolescent Pregnancy in the United States: The Contribution of Abstinence and Improved Contraceptive Use
Maternal Obesity in Early Pregnancy and Risk of Spontaneous and Elective Preterm Deliveries: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Racial Disparity in Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy in New York State: A 10-Year Longitudinal Population-Based Study
A National Survey of Tobacco Cessation Programs for Youths
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