Impact of Environmental Justice Investments
Community-Engaged Environmental Justice Research at University of Massachusetts Lowell
Environmental Justice: A Continuing Commitment to an Evolving Concept
The Union RAP: Industry-Wide Research-Action Projects to Win Health and Safety Improvements
The Vida Verde Women's Co-Op: Brazilian Immigrants Organizing to Promote Environmental and Social Justice
Health, Traffic, and Environmental Justice: Collaborative Research and Community Action in San Francisco, California
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Rallying Point Charles Lee's Long-Standing Career in Environmental Justice
Development of the Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit Network in North America
Partnerships for Environmental and Occupational Justice: Contributions to Research, Capacity and Public Health
Transferring Knowledge About Human Subjects Protections and the Role of Institutional Review Boards in a Community-Based Participatory Research Project
The Role for Community-Based Participatory Research in Formulating Policy Initiatives: Promoting Safety and Health for In-Home Care Workers and Their Consumers
Community Campaigns, Supply Chains, and Protecting the Health and Well-Being of Workers
Lead Poisoning in the United States
Alice Hamilton (1869-1970): Mother of US Occupational Medicine
Occupational Health, Mercury Exposure, and Environmental Justice: Learning From Experiences in Tanzania
The Politics of Plastics: The Making and Unmaking of Bisphenol A “Safety”
Completing the Circle: A Model for Effective Community Review of Environmental Health Research
A Community-Based Participatory Worksite Intervention to Reduce Pesticide Exposures to Farmworkers and Their Families
Pesticide Exposure and Occupational Safety Training of Indigenous Farmworkers in Oregon
Community Collaborations for Farmworker Health in New York and Maine: Process Analysis of Two Successful Interventions
Nutrition Content of Food and Beverage Products on Web Sites Popular With Children
High Point Walking for Health: Creating Built and Social Environments That Support Walking in a Public Housing Community
Linking Exposure Assessment Science With Policy Objectives for Environmental Justice and Breast Cancer Advocacy: The Northern California Household Exposure Study
Malodor as a Trigger of Stress and Negative Mood in Neighbors of Industrial Hog Operations
“Pesticides Protect the Fruit, but Not the People”: Using Community-Based Ethnography to Understand Farmworker Pesticide-Exposure Risks
Global Goods Movement and the Local Burden of Childhood Asthma in Southern California
The Influence of Traffic on Air Quality in an Urban Neighborhood: A Community-University Partnership
Association of Sleep Adequacy With More Healthful Food Choices and Positive Workplace Experiences Among Motor Freight Workers
Alcohol Advertising on Boston's Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Transit System: An Assessment of Youths' and Adults' Exposure
Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in Residential Proximity to Polluting Industrial Facilities: Evidence From the Americans' Changing Lives Study
Impact of a Household Environmental Intervention Delivered by Lay Health Workers on Asthma Symptom Control in Urban, Disadvantaged Children With Asthma
The Economic Cost of Environmental Factors Among North Carolina Children Living in Substandard Housing
The Health Impact of Supportive Housing for HIV-Positive Homeless Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial
The Health Impacts of Housing Improvement: A Systematic Review of Intervention Studies From 1887 to 2007
Material Resources and Population Health: Disadvantages in Health Care, Housing, and Food Among Adults Over 50 Years of Age
A Computerized, Self-Administered Questionnaire to Evaluate Posttraumatic Stress Among Firefighters After the World Trade Center Collapse
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Perceived Racial Discrimination in Health Care: A Comparison of Veterans Affairs and Other Patients
One Year Later: Mental Illness Prevalence and Disparities Among New Orleans Residents Displaced by Hurricane Katrina