Reflections on Addressing Health Disparities and the National Agenda
The Science of Eliminating Health Disparities: Embracing a New Paradigm
Health Equity and Public Health Leadership
The Science of Eliminating Health Disparities: Summary and Analysis of the NIH Summit Recommendations
Moving Toward Paradigm-Shifting Research in Health Disparities Through Translational, Transformational, and Transdisciplinary Approaches
Finding Synergy: Reducing Disparities in Health by Modifying Multiple Determinants
Critical Race Theory, Race Equity, and Public Health: Toward Antiracism Praxis
Under the Skin: Using Theories From Biology and the Social Sciences to Explore the Mechanisms Behind the Black-White Health Gap
Community-Based Participatory Research Contributions to Intervention Research: The Intersection of Science and Practice to Improve Health Equity
The Moral Problem of Health Disparities
The Boston Safe Shops Model: An Integrated Approach to Community Environmental and Occupational Health
PREJUDICE & POLICY Racial Discrimination in the Union Army Disability Pension System, 1865-1906
Fifty Years' Progress of the American Negro in Health and Sanitation
Charles V. Roman: Physician, Writer, Educator, Historian (1864-1934)
The Journal of the National Medical Association: A Voice for Civil Rights and Social Justice
Translating Research Evidence Into Practice to Reduce Health Disparities: A Social Determinants Approach
Linking Science and Policy Through Community-Based Participatory Research to Study and Address Health Disparities
Sectoral Job Training as an Intervention to Improve Health Equity
Triangulating on Success: Innovation, Public Health, Medical Care, and Cause-Specific US Mortality Rates Over a Half Century (1950-2000)
Disparate Inclusion of Older Adults in Clinical Trials: Priorities and Opportunities for Policy and Practice Change
Explaining Ethnic Disparities in Patient Safety: A Qualitative Analysis
Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Prevalence and Treatment Referral Among Asian Americans Undergoing Community-Based Hepatitis Screening
Hidden Breast Cancer Disparities in Asian Women: Disaggregating Incidence Rates by Ethnicity and Migrant Status
Decline in US Breast Cancer Rates After the Women's Health Initiative: Socioeconomic and Racial/Ethnic Differentials
Correlates of Picuriste Use in a Sample of Health-Seeking Haitian Immigrants and Adult Children of Immigrants in Miami-Dade County, Florida
Using Motivational Interviewing in HIV Field Outreach With Young African American Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Randomized Clinical Trial
HIV Counseling and Testing Among Hispanics at CDC-Funded Sites in the United States, 2007
Customizing Survey Instruments and Data Collection to Reach Hispanic/Latino Adults in Border Communities in Texas
Reaching Spanish-Speaking Smokers: State-Level Evidence of Untapped Potential for QuitLine Utilization
The Hispanic Mortality Advantage and Ethnic Misclassification on US Death Certificates
HIV-Tuberculosis Coinfection in Southern California: Evaluating Disparities in Disease Burden
Socioeconomic Disparities in Health in the United States: What the Patterns Tell Us
Childhood Socioeconomic Position and Disability in Later Life: Results of the Health and Retirement Study
The Impact of Prenatal WIC Participation on Infant Mortality and Racial Disparities
Generating Political Priority to Tackle Health Disparities: A Case Study in the Dutch City of The Hague
Social-Environmental Factors and Protective Sexual Behavior Among Sex Workers: The Encontros Intervention in Brazil
Coverage and Framing of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in US Newspapers, 1996-2005
Results of a Pilot Diabetes Prevention Intervention in East Harlem, New York City: Project HEED
The Ohio Cross-Cultural Tobacco Control Alliance: Understanding and Eliminating Tobacco-Related Disparities Through the Integration of Science, Practice, and Policy
Oral Health Disparities and Psychosocial Correlates of Self-Rated Oral Health in the National Survey of American Life
Racial Disparities in Receipt of Influenza and Pneumococcus Vaccinations Among US Nursing-Home Residents
Disparities in Data on Healthy People 2010 Physical Activity Objectives Collected by Accelerometry and Self-Report
Racial Differences in the Association Between Self-Rated Health Status and Objective Clinical Measures Among Participants in the BARI 2D Trial