Advancing Scientific Inquiry by Blurring Research Boundaries
Integration of Behavioral, Social Science and Genetics Research: Exploring Public Health Significance
Genomics and the Nature of Behavioral and Social Risk
The Dialogue Between Social Environments and the Genome
Genes Can Point to Environments That Matter to Advance Public Health
Rethinking Our Public Health Genetics Research Paradigm
Using Genetically Informed, Randomized Prevention Trials to Test Etiological Hypotheses About Child and Adolescent Drug Use and Psychopathology
Social, Behavioral, and Genetic Linkages from Adolescence Into Adulthood
Conceptual Shifts Needed to Understand the Dynamic Interactions of Genes, Environment, Epigenetics, Social Processes, and Behavioral Choices
The Challenge of Causal Inference in Gene-Environment Interaction Research: Leveraging Research Designs From the Social Sciences
Critical Need for Family-Based, Quasi-Experimental Designs in Integrating Genetic and Social Science Research
Deep Integration: Letting the Epigenome Out of the Bottle Without Losing Sight of the Structural Origins of Population Health
Defining the Environment in Gene-Environment Research: Lessons From Social Epidemiology
Genetics in Population Health Science: Strategies and Opportunities
Social Regulation of Human Gene Expression: Mechanisms and Implications for Public Health
Sex, Gender, Genetics, and Health
Genetic Differential Sensitivity to Social Environments: Implications for Research
How Genes and the Social Environment Moderate Each Other
Population Disparities in Mental Health: Insights From Cultural Neuroscience
Early Hits and Long-Term Consequences: Tracking the Lasting Impact of Prenatal Smoke Exposure on Telomere Length in Children
Assessment of Genetic and Nongenetic Interactions for the Prediction of Depressive Symptomatology: An Analysis of the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Integrating Social Science and Behavioral Genetics: Testing the Origin of Socioeconomic Disparities in Depression Using a Genetically Informed Design
Why It Is Hard to Find Genes Associated With Social Science Traits: Theoretical and Empirical Considerations
Gene-Environment Correlation: Difficulties and a Natural Experiment-Based Strategy