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Epidemiology of Hepatitis C Virus in Pennsylvania State Prisons, 2004-2012: Limitations of 1945-1965 Birth Cohort Screening in Correctional Settings
Determinants of the Availability of Hepatitis C Testing Services in Opioid Treatment Programs: Results From a National Study
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A Profile of North Carolina Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Health Disparities, 2011
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“Real Men Don't”: Constructions of Masculinity and Inadvertent Harm in Public Health Interventions
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Health and Health Risks Among Sexual Minority Women: An Examination of 3 Subgroups
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Equity in the Receipt of Oseltamivir in the United States During the H1N1 Pandemic
Fewer Hospitalizations for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Communities With Smoke-Free Public Policies
Rates of Insurance for Injured Patients Before and After Health Care Reform in Massachusetts: A Possible Case of Double Jeopardy
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State Firearm Laws, Firearm Ownership, and Safety Practices Among Families of Preschool-Aged Children
Long-Term Impact on Alcohol-Involved Crashes of Lowering the Minimum Purchase Age in New Zealand
Budget- and Priority-Setting Criteria at State Health Agencies in Times of Austerity: A Mixed-Methods Study
Trends in Bullying, Physical Fighting, and Weapon Carrying Among 6th- Through 10th-Grade Students From 1998 to 2010: Findings From a National Study
Sexual Orientation Disparities in Sexually Transmitted Infection Risk Behaviors and Risk Determinants Among Sexually Active Adolescent Males: Results From a School-Based Sample
Mediation by Peer Violence Victimization of Sexual Orientation Disparities in Cancer-Related Tobacco, Alcohol, and Sexual Risk Behaviors: Pooled Youth Risk Behavior Surveys
Sexual-Orientation Disparities in School: The Mediational Role of Indicators of Victimization in Achievement and Truancy Because of Feeling Unsafe
Mental Health and Suicidality Among Racially/Ethnically Diverse Sexual Minority Youths
Sexual Orientation Disparities in Adolescent Cigarette Smoking: Intersections With Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Age
Job Opportunities