Reaching Out to Public Health Professionals in Asia
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Safer Cycling Through Improved Infrastructure
A Public Health of Consequence: Review of the December 2016 Issue of AJPH
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention System in China: Trends From 2002-2012
Prevalence of Underweight, Overweight, and Obesity Among Reproductive-Age Women and Adolescent Girls in Rural China
Toward a National Birth Cohort Study in China
Impact of Dietary and Metabolic Risk Factors on Cardiovascular and Diabetes Mortality in South Asia: Analysis From the 2010 Global Burden of Disease Study
Older Prisoners and the Physical Health Effects of Solitary Confinement
Is the Prescription Opioid Epidemic a White Problem?
A Call to Oppose the Child Nutrition and Education Act of 2016 (H.R. 5003)
Race and Skin Color in Latino Health: An Analytic Review
Conducting Accessible Research: Including People With Disabilities in Public Health, Epidemiological, and Outcomes Studies
Postneoliberal Public Health Care Reforms: Neoliberalism, Social Medicine, and Persistent Health Inequalities in Latin America
Population Intervention Measures to Connect Research Findings to Policy
Effects of Local Health Interventions on Inequality in Life Expectancy: New Publicly Available Data
Engaging Urban Universities as Anchor Institutions for Health Equity
Urban Blight Remediation as a Cost-Beneficial Solution to Firearm Violence
Impact of a Community Dental Access Program on Emergency Dental Admissions in Rural Maryland
Bicycle Use and Cyclist Safety Following Boston's Bicycle Infrastructure Expansion, 2009-2012
Vision Zero in the United States Versus Sweden: Infrastructure Improvement for Cycling Safety
Variation in Vaccination Data Available at School Entry Across the United States
Decreases in Suicide Deaths and Attempts Linked to the White Mountain Apache Suicide Surveillance and Prevention System, 2001-2012
Impact of AIDS Education and Training Centers on the US HIV Medical Workforce
Trends in HIV Infection Among Persons Who Inject Drugs: United States and Puerto Rico, 2008-2013
Changes in Reported Sexual Orientation Following US States Recognition of Same-Sex Couples
Lack of Cost-Effectiveness Analyses to Address Healthy People 2020 Priority Areas
Deaths From Unintentional Injury, Homicide, and Suicide During or Within 1 Year of Pregnancy in Philadelphia
Ecological Association of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination with Cervical Dysplasia Prevalence in the United States, 2007-2014
Neighborhood Disadvantage, Poor Social Conditions, and Cardiovascular Disease Incidence Among African American Adults in the Jackson Heart Study
Effectiveness of a Scaled-Up Arthritis Self-Management Program in Oregon: Walk With Ease
Tuberculosis in Jails and Prisons: United States, 2002−2013
Disaster Supply Kits
Heagele Responds
Smoking Harm Reduction
Kostygina et al. Respond
Health Coverage for Undocumented Immigrants: Barriers on the Mexican Side for Effective Coverage
Wassink Responds
Flint Blood Lead Levels: Four Questions
Hanna-Attisha and LaChance Respond
Information Diffusion in the Evaluation of Medical Marijuana Laws' Impact on Risk Perception and Use
Schmidt et al. Respond
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