Social Suffering, The Painful Wounds Inside
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Caveat Partner: Sharing Responsibility for Health With the Food Industry
Choosing Health Equity: Investing in Optimal and Equitable Health for All
A Public Health of Consequence: Review of the March 2017 Issue of AJPH
Academic Public Health and the Firearm Crisis: An Agenda for Action
Mass Shootings: The Role of the Media in Promoting Generalized Imitation
Quantifying Disparities in Urban Firearm Violence by Race and Place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: A Cartographic Study
Bridging the Response to Mass Shootings and Urban Violence: Exposure to Violence in New Haven, Connecticut
Delivering on the Promise of Smoke-Free Public Housing
The Inmate Exception and Reform of Correctional Health Care
Screening for Shortness of Breath: Stretching the Screening Paradigm to Tertiary Prevention
Why Peer Crowds Matter: Incorporating Youth Subcultures and Values in Health Education Campaigns
A Public Health of Consequence: Let's Ask About Who Benefits
Civil Legal Services and Medical-Legal Partnerships Needed by the Homeless Population: A National Survey
Big Food's Ambivalence: Seeking Profit and Responsibility for Health
Community Health Records: Establishing a Systematic Approach to Improving Social and Physical Determinants of Health
Practice-Based Evidence in Community Guide Systematic Reviews
Suicide Deaths With Opioid Poisoning in the United States: 1999-2014
Changing Patterns in Rates and Means of Suicide in California, 2005 to 2013
Recent Increases in Cocaine-Related Overdose Deaths and the Role of Opioids
A Community-Based Randomized Trial of Hepatitis B Screening Among High-Risk Vietnamese Americans
Food Insecurity and Chronic Diseases Among American Indians in Rural Oklahoma: The THRIVE Study
The Effect of Minimum Wages on Adolescent Fertility: A Nationwide Analysis
Multilevel Prevention Trial of Alcohol Use Among American Indian and White High School Students in the Cherokee Nation
Divergent Trends in US Maternity and Paternity Leave, 1994-2015
Cardiometabolic Mortality by Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Participation and Eligibility in the United States
Regarding Intimate Partner Victimization and Health Risk Behaviors Among Pregnant Adolescents
Udo et al. Respond
The Nurses' Health Study and Nurses: Beyond Specimens and Questionnaires
Stampfer et al. Respond
Standing vs Sitting Time in Stand-Biased Classrooms
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