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The Relentless Enemies of Science
Toward Creation of the Oral Physician
Risk Analysis in the 21st Century: Adapting to New Challenges and Opportunities
Educational Disparities in Adult Disability: Person, Place, Policies, and Family
Physical Activity and Physical and Mental Well-Being in Church Settings
Soda Consumption Among Adolescents: Implications for Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Increasing Availability of Prevention to Communities Disproportionately Affected by HIV
“Alien” Health Care
A Public Health of Consequence: Review of the July 2017 Issue of AJPH
Chemical Risk Assessment: Traditional vs Public Health Perspectives
Planned Parenthood Is Health Care, and Health Care Must Defend It: A Call to Action
Donald Trump, the Police, and Mental Health in US Cities
Trauma, Psychopathology, and the Refugee Crisis: A Call to Action
Public Health Research Priorities to Address US Human Trafficking
What Public Health Practitioners Need to Know About Unhealthy Industry Tactics
The Lead Battery: A Growing Global Public Health Challenge
An Approach to Assess the Burden of Work-Related Injury, Disease, and Distress
Fostering a Public Health of Consequence: Practical Skills and Lessons Learned
On the Origins of the Electronic Cigarette: British American Tobacco's Project Ariel (1962-1967)
Firearm Legislation and Fatal Police Shootings in the United States
US Hospital Awards and Community Health Improvement
Review of Recent Methodological Developments in Group-Randomized Trials: Part 2-Analysis
Evaluating Public Health Interventions: 6. Modeling Ratios or Differences? Let the Data Tell Us
Shelter-Based Opioid Treatment: Increasing Access to Addiction Treatment in a Family Shelter
Consumption of Carbonated Soft Drinks Among Young Adolescents Aged 12 to 15 Years in 53 Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Disparities in Disability by Educational Attainment Across US States
Fe en Acción: Promoting Physical Activity Among Churchgoing Latinas
Trends in School-Related Victimization of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youths-Massachusetts, 1995-2015
Effect of the Affordable Care Act on Disparities in Breastfeeding: The Case of Maine
Firearm-Related Laws in All 50 US States, 1991-2016
Use of a Digital Health Application for Influenza Surveillance in China
Impact of the 2016 Ecuador Earthquake on Zika Virus Cases
Increasing Walking in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport: The Walk to Fly Study
Foodborne Disease Outbreaks in Correctional Institutions-United States, 1998-2014
Racial/Ethnic Disparities at the End of an HIV Epidemic: Persons Who Inject Drugs in New York City, 2011-2015
Dissecting the Complexities of the Relationship Between Police Officer-Civilian Race/Ethnicity Dyads and Less-Than-Lethal Use of Force
Minimum Stocking Requirements for Retailers in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children: Disparities Across US States
Violence Against Women and Household Ownership of Radios, Computers, and Phones in 20 Countries
Potential Issues With Naloxone Distribution in the Community
Applewhite and Sherman Respond
Injury Mortality in Autism
Guan and Li Respond
Inclusion of Disability Status in Investigations of Child Maltreatment Lifetime Prevalence
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