How Can Helicopter Parents Have Missed Young Worker Safety?
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Ideologically Motivated Violence: A Public Health Approach to Prevention
Princess Diana and Reduced Traffic Deaths in France and the United States
Underuse of Chest Radiography Versus Computed Tomography for Lung Cancer Screening
Accountable Care Organizations’ Payments to Physicians: Patients Should Have the Right to Know
The Opioid Crisis and the Need for Compassion in Pain Management
Public Health Without Fear of Consequences or Inconsequences
Raising Our Voices Against Discrimination-and for Public Health
The End of Written Informed Consent for HIV Testing: Not With a Bang but a Whimper
Judicial Bypass for Minors Seeking Abortions in Arkansas Versus Other States
Personally Identifiable Information in State Laws: Use, Release, and Collaboration at Health Departments
Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines: A Comprehensive Update of Evidence and Recommendations
Understanding and Improving Arterial Roads to Support Public Health and Transportation Goals
Crowdsourced Health Data: Comparability to a US National Survey, 2013-2015
Vocal Timbre and the Classification of Respondent Sex in US Phone-Based Surveys
Prevalence of Financial Fraud and Scams Among Older Adults in the United States: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Dust Exposure and Coccidioidomycosis Prevention Among Solar Power Farm Construction Workers in California
Hurricane Sandy (New Jersey): Mortality Rates in the Following Month and Quarter
Polysubstance Use Among US Women of Reproductive Age Who Use Opioids for Nonmedical Reasons
Unintentional Poisoning in China, 1990 to 2015: The Global Burden of Disease Study 2015
Health-Related Quality of Life Among US Workers: Variability Across Occupation Groups
Constant Lethality of Gunshot Injuries From Firearm Assault: United States, 2003-2012
Crash Fatality Rates After Recreational Marijuana Legalization in Washington and Colorado
Chronic Health Conditions and Key Health Indicators Among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Older US Adults, 2013-2014
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