A Th2 Chemokine, TARC, Produced by Trophoblasts and Endometrial Gland Cells, Regulates the Infiltration of CCR4+ T Lymphocytes into Human Decidua at Early Pregnancy
Dominant IL-10 and TGF-β mRNA Expression in γδT Cells of Human Early Pregnancy Decidua Suggests Immunoregulatory Potential
The Same Immunoregulatory Molecules Contribute to Successful Pregnancy and Transplantation
Molecular Genetics of Male Infertility
Possible Roles for Products of Polymorphic MHC and Linked Olfactory Receptor Genes during Selection Processes in Reproduction*
Evolutionary Genetics and Infertility
Increased Expression of Cyclooxygenase-2 in Local Lesions of Endometriosis Patients
Accumulation of CD16+ Cells with Secretion of Ksp37 in Decidua at the End of Pregnancy