Inhibition of HLA-G Production in JEG-3 Choriocarcinoma Cells by RNA Interference
Selective Vasodilator Effect of Magnesium Sulfate in Human Placenta
Human Amniotic Fluid Cells are Able to Produce IL-6 and IL-8
Differential Expression and Localization of Decorin in Human Choriodecidual Membrane during Preterm and Term Pregnancy
Rat Strains Differ in Susceptibility to Maternal and Fetal Infection with Mycoplasma pulmonis
Elevated Interleukin-8 in Cervical Mucus as an Indicator for Treatment to Prevent Premature Birth and Preterm, Pre-labor Rupture of Membranes
Immunoprecipitation of Sperm and Somatic Antigens with Antibodies from Sera of Sperm-Sensitized and Anti-sperm Antibody-Free Individuals
Autoantibody Panel Screening in Recurrent Miscarriages
Decrease in a Specific Killer Cell Immunoglobulin-Like Receptor on Peripheral Natural Killer Cells in Women with Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion of Unexplained Etiology
The Effect of Valacyclovir Treatment on Natural Killer Cells of Infertile Women