Determinants of Placental Vascularity
Reproductive Functions of Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone. Research and Potential Clinical Utility of Antalarmins (CRH Receptor Type 1 Antagonists)
Macrophages and Apoptotic Cell Clearance During Pregnancy
Immune Interactions at the Maternal–Fetal Interface
Use of Mammalian Eggs for Assessment of Human Sperm Function
Mastitis and Fertility in Cattle – Possible Involvement of Inflammation or Immune Activation in Embryonic Mortality *
Systemic Th1/Th2 Cytokine Responses to Paternal and Vaccination Antigens in Preeclampsia
IFN-γ-Mediated Inhibition of COX-2 Expression in the Placenta from Term and Preterm Labor Pregnancies