University of Essex, UK: 11-15 September 2005
Third European Congress of Reproductive Immunology (held jointly with the BSI-RIG Group, 6th ESRADI Congress and 10th AASIR Congress)
The long-term impact of fetal-maternal cell traffic during pregnancy
Ontogeny of MHC during development, in mice and humans
Intron-4 containing HLA-G is not detectable in trophoblast conditioned media
Detection of HLA-E and HLA-G expression in human placental tissue
Transcriptional profiling of uterine and blood NK cells from syngeneic and allogeneic pregnancy
Mate selection, olfactory receptors, and the MHC
The role of MHC class I genes in normal and cloned cattle pregnancy
Influence of KIR and HLA-C genes on reproductive success
Genetic and functional relationships between MHC and NK receptor genes and their products
Regulatory T cell function in transplantation
Transcriptional regulation of MHC genes
Plasmatic HLA-G during pregnancy
Soluble HLA-G in the culture media of human preimplantation embryos from cleavage stages to blastocyst and embryos undergoing preimplantation genetic diagnosis
Measurements and associations of HLA-G cell surface receptors on a human placental choriocarinoma cell line
NK cells and the Type1/Type 2 cytokine shift in human pregnancy
Uterine receptivity and the tripod IL-18, IL-15 and IL-12 in humans
Pregnancy specific suppression of Th1 immune responses in T-cells is through specific down-regulation of T-bet expression which is regulated by NF-κB
Chemokine and chemokine receptor expression at the feto-maternal interface during pregnancy in normal and abortion-prone mice
Progesterone induced blocking factor in normal and growth-restricted ovine placentae
Ovine Progesterone-Induced Blocking Factor
Maternal immune responses during ovine pregnancy
Effect of Tumour Necrosis Factor alpha on ovarian folliculogenesis
Investigation of IL-18 gene promoter polymorphisms in patient with hidatidiform mole
Maternal serum levels of transforming growth factor ß1 in normal and preeclamptic pregnancies
The role of regulatory T cells in pregnancy
CD4+CD25+ T regulatory cells mediate tolerance at the fetal-maternal interface by creating a privileged tolerant microenvironment
Heme Oxygenase-1 (HO-1) prevents murine abortion
CD25-positive cells during pregnancy
Analysis of endometrial myeloid and lymphoid dendritic cells during mouse estrous cycle
Characterization of decidual dendritic cells during mouse pregnancy
Pregnancy-protective Treg are antigen-specific
Flow cytometric analysis of endometrial lymphocytes during implantation and early pig pregnancy
Soluble class II antigens isolated from maternal serum during pregnancy specifically modulate the immune response
Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase in materno-fetal interactions
Implications of indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase in the human placenta
Phagocytosis of shed trophoblasts increases the expression of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase by U937 cells
Gene expression and signaling pathway in trophoblast cells by IFN-γ
Bimodal effect of nitric oxide in the indoleamine-2,3-dioxygenase activity
Indoleamine 2,3dioxygenase- and tryptophan-dependent regulation of HLA-G cell-surface expression
A critical role for galectin-1 in the maintenance of maternal-fetal tolerance
The multi-tasking of complement regulatory proteins [CRPs] on sperm?
Microdomains, diffusion barriers and lipid rafts in sperm cell plasma membranes
Sperm proteome; a source of new functional entities
Characterization of immune response in mice to plasmid DNA encoding human Sperm associated antigen 9 (SPAG9)
The influence of eco-toxicological factors on mammalian sperm in vitro
New monoclonal antibody against carp sperm creatine kinase
Antibodies against glutathione s-transferase mu 5 and lactate dehydrogenase C4 purified from serum of patients with immune infertility impair mouse sperm function in vitro
Association of MHC class I antigens with spermatogenesis abnormalities in male patients of in vitro fertilization
Efficacy of RIBI adjuvant for GnRH vaccines in post-pubescent rats
Association of MHC class I antigens with spermatogenesis abnormalities in male patients of in vitro fertilization
Diagnosis of immune-mediated recurrent spontaneous abortion
Stress and pregnancy maintenance
IgG, IgA and IgM antibodies against FSH
EMILIN1 is involved in human trophoblast invasion towards decidual vessels
Whole peripheral blood NK cell cytotoxic activity in immune monitoring of spontaneous abortion in women after IVF/ET
Monoclonal antibodies against human trophoblast in female infertility
Switch on T-cell populations after dendritic cell therapy in the CBA/J × DBA/2J abortion-prone mouse model
Which are the risks of intradermal lymphocyte immunotherapy?
HLA class II and recurrent miscarriage
Antiphospholipid antibodies and reproduction
Antibodies to cardiolipin in preeclampsia
Increased NK cell cytotoxicity and IL-2 production in recurrent miscarriage
Molecular genetic analysis of HLA-A, B and DR alleles gene detection in a couple with recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA)
Recurrent pregnancy loss as a sole manifestation of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
Lack of association between the TGF-β1 gene polymorphisms and recurrent spontaneous abortion
Developments in vaccine design
The control of embryo implantation. Studies of gene expression, protein profiles/function at the uterus-embryonic level
The complement regulatory protein CD55 is expressed on the inner acrosomal membrane of human spermatozoa
Immunocontraception - Is it feasible in humans?
Expression of a transcription factor, CTCF, and its paralogue, BORIS, during mouse spermatogenesis
Reduced semen quality in chronic prostatitis patients that have cellular autoimmune response to prostate antigens
Pathogenic consequences on semen quality of an autoimmune response against prostate antigens
HLA-G1 protects Jeg-3 choriocarcinoma cells against NK cells
Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (LIF) and Interleukin-6 Induced Intracellular Signalling in Jeg-3 choriocarcinoma cells