Microparticles and Exosomes
Polymorphisms in the Interleukin-12/18 Genes and Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion
Increased Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxicity and IL-2 Production in Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion
Distribution and Spatiotemporal Relationship of Activin A and Follistatin in Mouse Decidual and Placental Tissue
Female Sex Steroid Hormones Modify Some Regulatory Properties of Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cells
The Effects of Platelet-Activating Factor on the Secretion of Interleukin-8 and Growth-Regulated Oncogene α in Human Immortalized Granulosa Cell Line (GC1a)
Relationship Between Human Tumor-Associated Antigen RCAS1 and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Decline in Number of Elevated Blood CD3+ CD56+ NKT Cells in Response to Intravenous Immunoglobulin Treatment Correlates with Successful Pregnancy
The Placental Barrier in Allogenic Immune Conflict in Spontaneous Early Abortions