CD52 Is Synthesized in Cumulus Cells and Secreted into the Cumulus Matrix During Ovulation
How Should Data on Murine Spontaneous Abortion Rates be Expressed and Analyzed?
IL-6 as a Regulatory Factor of the Humoral Response During Pregnancy
The Increase in Metallothionein and Ectopic Decidual Immunoreactivity with Respect to the Progression of Labor at Term and the Lack of Analogical Changes in Placental Abruption
The Single-Shot GnRH Immunocontraceptive Vaccine (GonaCon™) in White-Tailed Deer
Interleukin 1 Receptor Antagonist Gene Polymorphisms Are Not Risk Factors for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Are Anti-Beta2-Glycoprotein-I Antibodies Markers for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss in Lupus Anticoagulant/Anticardiolipin Seronegative Women?
Distribution and Maturity of Dendritic Cells in Diseases of Insufficient Placentation
CXCL6 (Granulocyte Chemotactic Protein-2)
Duration of Intralipid's Suppressive Effect on NK Cell's Functional Activity
Analysis of Immunological Markers Associated with Pregnancy and HIV-1 Infection
Evaluation of Semen Detection in Vaginal Secretions
Am J Reprod Immunol 2008; 60