Immunologic Abnormality of Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy
Effects of Cyclic Versus Sustained Estrogen Administration on Peripheral Immune Functions in Ovariectomized Mice
Immunocontraceptive Effect of DNA Vaccine Targeting Fertilin β in Male Mice
Transforming Growth Factor-Beta1 Gene Polymorphisms in Korean Patients with Pre-eclampsia
Estradiol Limits Viral Replication Following Intravaginal Immunization Leading to Diminished Mucosal IgG Response and Non-sterile Protection Against Genital Herpes Challenge
Leptin Gene (TTTC)n Microsatellite Polymorphism as well as Leptin Receptor R223Q and PPARγ2 P12A Substitutions are not Associated with Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy
Activation of the Alternative Pathway of Complement is a Feature of Pre-Term Parturition but not of Spontaneous Labor at Term
Contribution of Interferon-γ Receptor 1 Gene Polymorphisms to Pre-Eclampsia in China