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Mucosal Immunity in the Male and Female Reproductive Tract and Prevention of HIV transmission
The Forgotten Epidemic: AIDS in the 21st Century
From Laboratory Bench to Living Room: One Woman's Perspective on Life with HIV
The Effects of Commensal Bacteria on Innate Immune Responses in the Female Genital Tract
Innate Immunity in the Human Female Reproductive Tract: Endocrine Regulation of Endogenous Antimicrobial Protection Against HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections
Biology of the Male Reproductive Tract: Its Cellular and Morphological Considerations
HIV Infection and Immune Defense of the Penis
Immune Responses to HIV in the Female Reproductive Tract, Immunologic Parallels with the Gastrointestinal Tract, and Research Implications
SIV-Specific CD8+ T Cells are Enriched in Female Genital Mucosa of Rhesus Macaques and Express Receptors for Inflammatory Chemokines
Inductive/Effector Mechanisms for Humoral Immunity at Mucosal Sites
HIV-1 Infection in the Female Reproductive Tract: Role of Interactions between HIV-1 and Genital Epithelial Cells
Early HIV-1 Target Cells in Human Vaginal and Ectocervical Mucosa
Cervico-Vaginal Tissue Ex Vivo as a Model to Study Early Events in HIV-1 Infection
The Role of the Foreskin in Male Circumcision: An Evidence-Based Review
HIV-1 Transmission in the Male Genital Tract
Role of Semen in HIV-1 Transmission: Inhibitor or facilitator?
Hormonal Contraception and HIV-1 Transmission
Interactions of HIV, Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Genital Tract Inflammation Facilitating Local Pathogen Transmission and Acquisition
Biological Factors that May Contribute to Regional and Racial Disparities in HIV Prevalence
Female Genital Tract Secretions and Semen Impact the Development of Microbicides for the Prevention of HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections
New Approaches to Making the Microenvironment of the Female Reproductive Tract Hostile to HIV
Induction of Innate Immune Responses in the Female Genital Tract: Friend or Foe of HIV-1 Infection?
Clinical Parameters Essential to Methodology and Interpretation of Mucosal Responses
Methods for Evaluation of Humoral Immune Responses in Human Genital Tract Secretions
Methodological Issues in Sampling the Local Immune System of the Female Genital Tract in the Context of HIV Prevention Trials