Animal Models of Pre-eclampsia
Uric Acid Induces Trophoblast IL-1β Production Via the Inflammasome: Implications for the Pathogenesis of Preeclampsia
Amniotic Fluid Interleukin-1 Beta and Interleukin-6, but not Interleukin-8 Correlate with Microbial Invasion of the Amniotic Cavity in Preterm Labor
Antimicrobial Responses in the Male Reproductive Tract of Lipopolysaccharide Challenged Rats
Increased COX-2 Expression in Human Vaginal Epithelial Cells Exposed to Nonoxynol-9, a Vaginal Contraceptive Microbicide that Failed to Protect Women from HIV-1 Infection
Colony-stimulating Factor 2 Inhibits Induction of Apoptosis in the Bovine Preimplantation Embryo
Effect of Human Endometrial Stromal Cell-derived Conditioned Medium on Uterine Natural Killer (uNK) Cells' Proliferation and Cytotoxicity
Enhanced Stimulation of Anti-Ovarian Cancer CD8+ T Cells by Dendritic Cells Loaded with Nanoparticle Encapsulated Tumor Antigen
Degree of TNF-α/IL-10 Cytokine Elevation Correlates With IVF Success Rates in Women Undergoing Treatment With Adalimumab (Humira) and IVIG