Preconceptional immune biomarkers in assisted reproduction: G-CSF in the follicular fluid - interleukin-18, -15 and TWEAK in the endometrium
Role of uterine natural killer cells in spiral artery remodeling during early human pregnancy
HLA-G, angiogenesis and therapeutics
Maternal inflammation and alterations in utero-placental perfusion
Cancer-oocyte biomarkers: new targets for cancer diagnostic, drug and vaccine development
Functional duality of uterine natural killer cells in the feto-maternal interface
Circulating immune cells can promote embryo implantation
Exogenous gene expression in feto-maternal interface for investigation of implantation failure and preeclampsia
Activation of PPARgamma by human cytomegalovirus for de novo replication impairs trophoblast invasion
To detect intrauterine inflammation and to evaluate intra-amniotic infection predict the prognosis of preterm labor cases
Anti-HY immunity, HLA-G polymorphisms and recurrent miscarriage
Interrogation of early pregnancy using a bovine somatic cell nuclear transfer model of immune-mediated abortion
Natural killer cell immunodepletion paradigms in nonhuman primates for interrogating the maternal-fetal immune interface
Transthyretin is dysregulated in preeclampsia and protects against the onset of disease in a mouse model
The effects of macrophages on early implantation in the rhesus monkey
Cytokine induced crosstalk between STAT1 and ERK1/2
CD3+/4+ T cell proportion is negatively correlated with metabolic parameters in infertile women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
Cross-talk between inflammation and stress reaction in Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4)-mediated growth of endometriosis
Pravastatin induces placental growth factor and ameliorates preeclampsia in a mouse model
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Human embryonic stem cell-derived trophoblasts: an in vitro model for trophoblast differentiation and function
Self-administration of heparin beginning prior to conception for Japanese women with anti-phospholipidassociated recurrent pregnancy loss
Role of proteoglycan and progesterone as a new tool for treatment of preterm labor
Bacterial contamination hypothesis: Role of endotoxin and Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) in endometriosis
Characterization of cellular signaling pathways involved in the regulation of trophoblast cell functions
ADAM12 and Dysferlin in human placenta
Cytogenetic and STAT3 expression analysis of HTR8/SVneo
Inflammatory responses during pregnancy-associated malaria
Do inflammatory triggers alter uterine regulatory T cells in adverse pregnancy outcomes?
Analysis of granulosa cells by single cell PCR - the method and the concept
Recombinant hCG promotes amplification of regulatory T cells and protects preeclampsia-like features in vivo
Evidence for natural killer (NK) cells in the endometrium during equine pregnancy
Long-term survival of equine trophoblast transplants in immunodeficient mice
MicroRNA expression profiles in trophoblastic cells
EGF induces proliferation of trophoblastic cells through STAT5 activation
Micro RNA expression at healthy and arresting conceptus attachment sites during early porcine pregnancy
Aquaporin1, a water channel, and angiogenesis are novel targets of environmental toxicants that cause in utero complications
Trophoblast-macrophage interaction modulates endometrial stromal wound repair
Auto immune regulator (AIRE) deficiency results in infertility involving embryonic loss in mice
Maternal responses to fetal antigen modulates the expression of a2V-AT-Pase in splenocytes and thymocytes
Pregnancy is supported by plasticity of maternal-fetal interface under adverse conditions
Peripheral blood NK cell cytotoxicities are negatively correlated with CD8+ T cells in fertile women but not in women with a history of recurrent spontaneous abortion
A histologic characterization of natural killer cells in the vaginal mucosa and their dynamics as a function of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy in rhesus monkeys
Changes of NK cell levels and cytotoxicities during the first trimester of pregnancy in women with recurrent spontaneous abortions
Trophoblast MHC class I expression is associated with immune-mediated abortion of bovine fetuses produced by cloning
Stormal cell derived factor-1 promotes endothelial progenitor cell recruitment and aids neoangiogenesis in endometriosis lesions
Interleukin 22 is expressed by invasive trophoblast cells of the horse
Inflammation-mediated intrauterine growth restriction in rats is linked to abnormal trophoblast invasion and impaired placental perfusion
Anti-HIV activity correlates with specific cytokines and disease progression in cervical-vaginal secretions from HIV positive and HIV negative women
Effects of ABT-898 (thrombospondinmimetic peptide) on the growth and survival of human endometriotic lesions in a mouse model of endometriosis
HIV-induced innate immune responses in uterine epithelial cells
Chemokine Receptor 1 and 3 fundamental for trophoblast migration
Circulating angiogenic factors in Brazilian women with preeclampsia - preliminary results
HIV infection is associated with decreased innate activity against HSV-2 in female genital tract secretions
Periovulatory expression of chemokines induced by IL-1 beta in the mouse ovary
Rhesus uterine innate immune response in antibody-induced early pregnancy loss
The immunological aspects of the infertility women who resort to IVF-ET
Immunohistochemical evidence for increased numbers of CD57+ cells in the endometrium of women suffering repeated implantation failure after IVF-ET
Endometrial NK cells are a potential source of decidual NK cells
Comparison of intrauterine autologous peripheral blood mononuclear cells administration, intravenous immunoglobulin and combination of two methods in the management of multiple ART failures
Effects of selected cytokines on sperm membrane integrity, apoptosis and chromatin quality in in vitro semen inflammation
Can soluble HLA-G concentrations in culture media enhance embryo selection by morphology?
Paternal lymphocyte immunization does not influence the identification of fetal sex-determining region Y (SRY) in maternal plasma
The expression of NK cell receptors and cytokines production on endometrial or decidual natural killer cells in women with recurrent pregnancy loss
Doppler ultrasound investigation of uterine radial artery and inflammatory immune responses in pregnant women with a history of recurrent pregnancy losses
A specific subtype of epithelial ovarian cancer cells induce T regulatory cell differentiation
Immunomodulatory effects of trophoblast cells: production of IL35 and modulation of macrophage polarization
Th1- and Th17-mediated inflammation may increase in menopause
Correlation between embryonic secretion of human chorionic gonadotropin and soluble HLA-G
Selected inflammatory/immune response pathway genes in association with spontaneous very preterm births in blacks, whites, and Hispanics
Pro-angiogenic and immunomodulatory functions of the neglected pregnancy specific glycoproteins
Effects of anti β2-GPI antibodies on cytokine production in normal trophoblast and choriocarcinoma cells
Maternal inflammatory/immune pathway genes in association with early-onset preeclampsia in blacks, whites, and Hispanics
Effects of anti β2-GPI antibodies on NF-κB expression in trophoblast and choriocarcinoma cells
Relationships between cytokines and hormones during pregnancy and postpartum
Pravastatin does not prevent antiphospholipid antibody-mediated modulation of human trophoblast inflammation and migration
The Nod1 agonist bacterial iE-DAP induces trophoblast inflammation and preterm labor
Fertilization failure treated with intracytoplasmic sperm injection in immunologically infertile males
Comparison of NK cell phenotypes in the endometrium of patients with recurrent pregnancy loss versus unexplained infertility
Changes in mouse pregnancy after induced inflammation
IFN-γ and C3 particle change actin polymerization during phagocytic activity of mouse trophoblastic
Strenuous exercise affects mouse pregnancy
Analysis of mice pregnancy after prior treatment with danazol
Estradiol and Poly I:C stimulation of Hepatocyte Growth Factor secretion by human uterine stromal fibroblasts
Differences in soluble mucosal immunity in the genital tract between pregnant women with or without Group B Streptococcus (GBS) or E. coli vaginal colonization
Elevated preconception CD56+16+ and/ or Th1:Th2 levels predict benefit from IVIG therapy in sub-fertile women undergoing IVF
CD4 independent replication of HIV in an immortalized human trophoblast is up-regulated by lipopolysaccharide (LPS)
Experimental intrauterine infection with Ureaplasma parvum is associated with increased calgranulin A in placental tissues
Fetal/maternal balance by innate DC subsets during pregnancy in mice
Seminal fluid expands the regulatory T cell pool and induces CCL19-mediated recruitment to promote accumulation of regulatory T cells in the pre-implantation mouse uterus