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Regulatory T Helper Cells in Pregnancy and their Roles in Systemic versus Local Immune Tolerance
Maternal Foxp3 Expressing CD4+ CD25+ and CD4+ CD25− Regulatory T-Cell Populations are Enriched in Human Early Normal Pregnancy Decidua: A Phenotypic Study of Paired Decidual and Peripheral Blood Samples
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Relationship between mRNA expression of immune factors by cumulus cells and oocyte developmental potential in cattle
Maternal Foxp3 expressing CD4+ CD25+ and CD4+ CD25- regulatory T cell populations are enriched in human early normal pregnancy decidua: a phenotypic study of paired decidual and peripheral blood samples
Maternal and infant Lactobacillus reuteri supplementation is associated with a reduced allergen responsiveness at 2 years of age
Uterine NK cells and macrophages mediate maternal immune tolerance to the embryo in heifers during early pregnancy
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T helper lineage methylation profiling of CD4+ T cells in pregnancy
Immunomodulatory effects of trophoblast cells: production of IL-35 and modulation of macrophage polarization
CRTH2 define a human innate lymphoid cell type producing type 2 cytokines
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