Epigenetic regulation of trophoblast differentiation and antigen repertoire expression to ensure normal uterine vascularization and fetal growth
Placental epigenetics, a window on fetal life
Gestational diabetes, inflammation and obesity: new insights into genetic markers and phenotype
STOX1 overexpression in mice induces severe preeclampsia-like symptoms prevented by aspirin at low doses
An experimental insulin dependent diabetes model to investigate diabetic dysfunctions in early pregnancy
Aetiology of defective sperm function and DNA damage in the male germ line
Role of testosterone on regulatory T cell expansion in rat experimental autoimmune orchitis
Regulatory T cells control tolerogenic versus autoimmune response to sperm in vasectomy
Ablation of a2 vacuolar-atpase decreases Bax and p53 expression in testis and leads to implantation failure in the female mouse
Effect of systemic inflammation (by Ips induction) on mouse sperm parameters and il-6 and tnf expression levels in the testis and in the different regions of the epididymis
Human natural killer cells in pregnancy
HIV disease progression and dysfunctional naive CD8low T cells: implications in pregnancy?
Trophoblast cells can induce regulatory T cells
Expression and function of costimulatory molecules of spleen antigen presenting cells during pregnancy in mice
Paternal antigen-specific inducible regulatory T cells are increased just before the implantation by seminal fluid-priming
G-CSF treatment increases treg peripheral blood levels in women with recurrent miscarriage
Interactions between the embryo and maternal immune system during the preimplantation period in domestic animals
Preeclampsia 2012 and beyond
Acquisition of uterine receptivity: partaking of inflammation
Inflammation in the uterus: friend or foe?
No protective effect of nima on antibody production in women transfused for severe hemolytic disease of the fetus
To clot or not to clot: procoagulant vesicles in human seminal fluid
Induction of the G-protein coupled estrogen receptor (GPER) by stress hormones, inflammatory cytokines and estrogen explains its up-regulation in endometriosis
IL-7 Promotes HIV-1 transmission to cervico-vaginal tissue ex vivo
Immunomodulation by placental microvesicles in adverse pregnancy outcomes (preeclampsia and recurrent pregnancy loss)
The mirnome of trophoblast cells
Progesterone-induced blocking factor (PIBF) controls trophoblast invasion
Mast cells mediate spiral artery remodeling
Acetaminophen application during murine pregnancy triggers metabolic and immunological changes in dams and impairs fetal development
Tolerance to noninherited maternal antigenes in mice and humans
Fetal microchimerism of pregnancy associated progenitor cells: a new model to study stem cell response to tissue injury
Insights into angiogenesis regulation at the maternal-fetal interface using a porcine model of spontaneous fetal loss
NK-T-DC cross talk in pregnancy
Granule heterogeneity of angiogenic and cytolytic dual-function mouse uterine natural killer cells
Defining risk for recurrent gestational failure by blood natural killer cells subsets
Sexual intercourse with pyospermia decreases uterine CD16-/CD56 bright natural killer cells in women with infertility
Detailed analysis of peripheral blood natural killer cells in women with repeated IVF failure
Endocrine modulation of immune function: influence of sex hormones on susceptibility to HIV infection in the human female reproductive tract
Targets for HIV-1 infection in the human uterine mucosa during the first trimester pregnancy and control of transmission
Role of semen in HIV-1 transmission: inhibitor or facilitator?
Current concept of HIV pathogenesis in the female genital tract
Placental nutrition: how does the placenta get fat?
Altering angiogenic gene expression in trophoblast
The placenta: transcriptional, epigenetic, and physiological integration during development
Celiac disease and pregnancy outcome: anti-transglutaminase antibodies effects on placental and endometrial functions
Development of a novel whole mount immunofluorescence technique to visualize intact human placental architecture
Angiogenesis and preeclampsia
The challenge of placental bed disorders
Pravastatin prevents the onset of preeclampsia in C1q deficient mice
Time-lapse based investigation of early human embryo development: the impact of age and AMH
High field dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging assessment of placental perfusion unveiled an increased blood flow upon prenatal stress challenge in mice
Natural killer cell and genetic regulation of hemochorial placentation
Understanding embryo-maternal cross-talk in the bovine uterus
An essential role for dendritic cells in ovarian cycle
Modulation of glucocorticoid sensitivity in T cells: a novel mechanism for the beneficial effects of pregnancy in multiple sclerosis
Models of murine feto-placental infections
The effect of oxygen on placental connexins 43 and 46 and its contribution to preeclampsia
Regulatory B-cells expand in peripheral blood of pregnant women having normal pregnancies but are very low in women suffering from spontaneous abortions
The immune phase of helminth infection during pregnancy determines the allergic immune response in offspring
‘Conditionally normal' NK lymphocyte frequency, phenotype and cytotoxicity are predictive for reproductive success
Candida albicans induces tissue-specific human beta-defensins (HBD)-1, HBD-2 and HBD-3 secretion in human amniochorionic membranes
Immune deviations significance for complications risk in IVF and natural pregnancy
First trimester uterine natural killer cells migrate in response to secreted cytokines in trophoblast-conditioned media
Characterization of different CD160+ innate lymphocyte populations during the inflammatory stage of preeclampsia
Number and activation status of uterine natural killer cells suggest a novel role in the second trimester of pregnancy
Human uterine natural killer cells directed extravillous trophoblast invasion is associated with S1P signalling
The expression of natural cytotoxicity receptors on peripheral blood natural killer cells in pregnant women with preterm labor
The production of cytokines by CD56+/ NKP46+ NK cells in the peripheral blood and midsecretory endometrium
Intravenous immunoglobulin for women with recurrent pregnancy loss and elevated NK cell cytotoxicity
A novel non-invasive method to study endometrial cells
The possible role of galectin-9/TIM-3 pathway in the pathogenesis of pre-eclampsia
Characterization of decidual gamma/delta t cells during healthy human pregnancy
The significance of TIM-3 and galectin-9 expression during pregnancy in a mouse model
The map is not the territory [1]. Presented seminal plasma peptides but not the MHC of an immunizing cell determine the outcome of lymphocyte immunization in the CBA × DBA/2 model
Preservation of human placenta is feasible and facilitates studies on the local immune regulation in normal and aberrant pregnancies
Human semen promotes CD4+ regulatory T cell activity
Villitis of unknown etiology (VUE)
Immunophenotypic profiles of peripheral blood lymphocytes in women with IVF single and twin pregnancy
Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) inhibits onset of preeclampsia in a ‘humanized’ mouse model and restores uterine angiogenesis and regulatory T cells
Oxidative stress and inflammatory markers and enos (Glu298Asp) gene polymorphism in pre-eclmpsia - in North Indian population
Differential immunoregulation in successful oocyte donation pregnancies compared with naturally conceived pregnancies
Effects of short-chain galacto- and long-chain fructo-oligosaccharides on systemic and local immune status during pregnancy
Up-regulation of placental interleukin enhancer-binding factor 2 expression following infection with the hepatitis B virus in pregnant carriers of hepatitis B surface antigen
Investigation of instructive potential of decidual stromal cells on differentiation of T-cells into Tregs
Phenotypic analysis of dendritic cell lineage and maturity, and T-cell exhaustion indicate dampened immune activation in pregnancy
Altered regulatory T cells (Tregs) and transforming growth factorβ1 (TGFβ1) activation in pregnant women with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
Monocyte and T cell characterisation during pregnancy in asthmatic women
Induction and recruitment of regulatory T cells by trophoblast cells: relevance of the neuropeptide VIP
Role of cytokines in anti-implantation activity of H2receptor blockers in albino wistar rats
Human chorionic gonadotropin and luteinizing hormone favor expansion and function of regulatory T cells during pregnancy
Human chorionic gonadotropin supports the conversion of native T cells into regulatory T cells
Maternal and newborn vitamin D status and its impact on fetal regulatory T cell development and children's atopy risk in the german lina cohort study
Environmental exposure during pregnancy modulates fetal Treg development with consequences for the allergy risk of the child
Uterine regulatory T cells acquire c-Rel-mediated inflammatory phenotype and cause fetal demise
Establishment of a standardized immunological diagnostic procedure in RM patients
Regulatory T cells control experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis during pregnancy
Haploidentical transplant from mother in thalassemic patients
The impaired balance between regulatory T cells and T helper 17 cells in peripheral blood of women with recurrent spontaneous abortion: the influence of different phases of menstrual cycle
Preimplantation factor (SPIF*) selective modulation of nk cytotoxicty and activity in vitro in IVF patients. SPIF* proprietary
PAI-1 and adiponectin serum levels in overweight pregnant women and early-onset gestational diabetes: preliminary data
Inflammatory gene polymorphisms in overweight pregnant women and pregnancy outcomes: preliminary results
Regulation of human endometrial stromal cell motility by trophoblast secretory products and local growth factors
Inflammatory respone elicited by human decidual cells after bacterial exposure: implications in preterm labor
Angiogenic factor composition of decidualized endometrial stromal cells is modified by knock-down of syndecan-1 followed by imitation of embryo contact
Progesterone induced blocking factor expression in decidual stromal cells as a potential marker for successful pregnancy
Mutation and functional analysis of pregnancy-specific glycoprotein 1 (PSG1)
Interleukin (IL) 1β affects the secretory function of the equine endometrial cells in vitro: modulatory effects of ovarian steroids
The effect of 17-β estradiol (E2) and progesterone (P4) on cells proliferation, prostaglandin secretion and prostaglandin (PG) synthases mRNA transcription in the equine endometrial cells in vitro
Autoimmune progesterone vulvitis (APV), a new clinical diagnostic entity
Proteomic analysis of sperm estrogen response
Differentiated expression level of mRNA variants of estrogen receptor alpha with alternative promoters in immune cells stimulated with cytokines
Hormone-like chemicals-cytokine interaction in the human chorionic villous explants
Trefoil factor 3 - a new biomarker candidate for experimental and clinical endometriosis
Melatonin prevents preterm labor due to LPS and improves offspring
Differential expression of TSG-6 in endometrium of women with recurrent abortions
High physiological concentrations of progesterone reverse estradiol mediated increase in differentiation and maturation of bone marrow derived dendritic cells
Participation of LPA3 receptor during blastocyst implantation in the rat Interaction with prostaglandins and the endocannabinoid system
Prior reproductive experience in female rats and the role of prolactin-induced macrophage responses
TLRs expression in follicular cells of poor ovarian responder
PIBF expression pattern in mouse tissues during pregnancy
The role of matrix metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in gestational trophoblastic diseases and normal placenta
Extra-villous trophoblast cytoskeleton deformation under co-infection with viral and bacterial agents
The effect of lipopolysaccharide on MMP-2 and MMP-9 in HTR-8/SVneo cells
The effect of anti-tetanus toxoid antibody T26 with specificity to β2-glycoprotein I on trophoblast HTR-8/SVneo cell line
Spatio-temporal characteristics of trophoblast invasion pathways and genome reproduction in the field vole microtus rossiaemeridionalis
The CCN3 protein: regulator of trophoblast proliferation and migration/invasion, and its contribution to preeclampsia
Accurate biopsy and ultrastructural morphological characterisation of decidua parietalis and basalis by a novel hysteroscopic technique: implications for study into early pregnancy trophoblast-decidua interactions
Antiphospholipid antibodies affect human endometrial angiogenesis: protective effect of a synthetic peptide (TIFI) mimicking the phospholipids binding site of B2-glycoprotein I
Intracellular crosstalks between signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT) and extracellular-regulated kinase (ERK) 1/2 regulating trophoblastic cells
Oncostatin M mimics some, but not all functions of leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) in trophophoblastic cells
Characterization stem cell markers in trophoblast (HTR 8/Sv-neo cells)-derived spheroids
Melatonin concentration in testes of infertile men: its inverse correlation with the number of testicular immune cells (macrophages and mast cells)
Abnormal sperm has decreased a2V-ATPase
Presence of immune modulating molecules in boar seminal plasma
Loss of hepatocyte growth factor receptor in mouse sertoli cells leads to impaired spermatogenesis and male infertility
Immune-mediated sperm selection between competing males in the female tract
Relocalization of izumo and betalintegrin during spontaneous acrosome reaction
Vacuolar ATPase subunit A2 expression is associated with normal spermatogenesis in mice
The putative role of HMGB1 in mediating inflammatory responses in rat experimental autoimmune orchitis
Complex analysis of molecular changes in human-ejaculated spermatozoa occuring during in vitro semen bacterial infection
Localization of matrix metalloproteinases -2 and -9 in ejaculated, capacitated and acrosome-reacted human spermatozoa
Correlation between cytokines concen-trations in seminal plasma of fertile and subfertile patients and sperm parameters and their effect on icsi outcome
Repeated miscarriages with antiphospholipid syndrome and genetically impaired embryos
Repeated miscarriages with antiphospholipid syndrome an genetically impaired embryos: case report
Tumor necrosis factor inhibitors tip the Th balance in women with unexplained recurrent miscarriage or repeated implantation failure
GNRH I is expressed by CD14+ monocytes and dendritic cells
Sex-specific effect of first trimester maternal progesterone on birth weight
Detection of circulating cell-derived microparticles, about the methodology
Peritoneal dendrtic cells phagocyte retrograde menstrual endometrial cells and contribute to the progress of endometriosis
Increased secretion of IL-12 in murine fetal resorption induced by the depletion of a certain subset of dendritic cells
Polychlorinated biphenyls induce pregnancy-associated hypertension, preterm birth and cerebral palsy-like features in IL-10—/— neonates
The differences of immunological aspects in the infertility patients, recurrent implantation failure patients and recurrent miscarriage patients
Determination of maternal serummacrophage inhibitory cytokine 1 (MIC 1 levels-isita marker for increased risk of miscarriage in IVF patients?
Placental inflammation is associated with poor pregnancy outcome in women with reduced fetal movements
Pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines induced by mechanical stretch of myometrial cells can promote neutrophil infiltration by enhanced adhesion and transendothelial migration
Identification of constitutively expressed chemokines in the mouse female reproductive tract
Decidual and myometrial myeloid cells contribute to term and preterm parturition, and post-partum uterine involution in mice
Inhibition of phagosome-maturation leads to profound proliferation of Salmonella typhimurium in trophoblasts
Pregnancy outcomes of couples treated for recurrent miscarriages with paternal lymphocytes immunization
The number of previous miscarriage doesn't affects the autoantibodies profile and gestational outcomes in couples treated for recurrent miscarriages with paternal lymphocytes immunization
Determining the signalling pathways involved in the regulationof immune tolerance during pregnancy
Platelets and innate inflammation in pregnancy
Placental exosomes in maternal plasma regulate T-cell responses by altering NF-κB expression levels in pregnancy
Stress induced changes in HO-1 expression alter immune adaptation to pregnancy in mice
Relationship between maternal inflammatory status and viral activity with length of gestation in gravidae screened positive for hepatitis B surface antigen (HBSAG)
C1q is responsible of the antiinflammatory behavior of decidual endothelial cells
G-CSF influences CXCL1 and TNFAIP6 expression in endometrial epithelial cells in vitro
Perinatal phthalate exposure may enhance allergic airway inflammation in mice
M-CSF produced by trophoblasts induces CD163, a marker of immune regulatory decidual macrophages
The environmental chemical bisphenol-A interferes with the action of 17 β-estradiol in human trophoblast
Evolution of pregnancy-specific glycoproteins in mammals
Presence of autoantibody against two placental proteins, peroxiredoxin 3 (PRX3) and peroxiredoxin 4 (PRX4) in sera of recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) patients
Presence of autoantibody against two placental proteins, annexin A1 and vitamin D binding protein, in sera of women with pre-eclampsia
Stage-related changes of peritoneal soluble TNFα and TNFR1 and TNFR2 in cells recovered from peritoneal fluid of women with endometriosis
Effect of aspirin and enoxaparin on seric levels of antiphospholipid antibodies and trophoblastic cells proliferation
Decidual cells as target for macrophage inhibitory migration factor (MIF): receptors and signaling pathways associated responses
Coding region polymorphisms in the indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (INDO) gene and recurrent spontaneous abortion
Expression of the presumptive chemokine stromal cell derived factor-2 (SDF-2) by different cell types in human placenta: function insights
Comparison between cytokines in peripheral and placental compartment in renal-transplanted pregnant women
Effect of heparin, aspirin and aspirintriggered lipoxins on STAT-3 and ERK 1/2 activation on trophoblastic cells
Prenatal influences on offspring allergy
Demonstration of microchimerism in pregnant sows and fetuses and putative microchimerism involvement in the pathogenesis of congenital PRRSV infection
Detection and quantification of cellular microchimerism in murine tissue by real-time PCR versus flow cytometry
Analyses of fetal microchimerisms in mothers, who served as HLA-haploidentical stem cell donors for their child
A method for identification and analysis of rare microchimeric cells in human tissue
HMGB1 promotes the differentiation of Th17 via up-regulating TLR2 and IL-23 of CD14+ monocytes from patients with rheumatoid arthritis
IL-4 effect on IL-17 in liver inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis
The in vivo imaging of fertilizing spermatozoa traveling in female reproductive tract
Vitamin D3 inhibits inflammatory cascade in endometrial cells through down regulation of TLR signaling
Activin A increases invasiveness of endometrial stromal cells independent of prostaglandin E2 in endometriosis
microRNA-9 regulates TLR2 mediated inhibition of IL-6 expression, but not TLR2-mediated apoptosis in human first trimester trophoblast
G-CSF treatment improves IVF outcome in women with recurrent implantation failure in IVF
Decidual neutrophils: a novel angiogenic population in the 2nd trimester
Expressions of TLR7, 8, 9 mRNA, COX-2 mRNA, and mPGES-1 mRNA in local endometriosis lesions
Effects of anti β2-GPI antibody on the expression and function of TLR in choriocarcinoma cell and first trimester trophoblast
Melatonin receptors in human spermatozoa - new findings and relevance to assisted reproduction
Successful partner specific thrombocyte (PST) and intravenous immunoglobuline (IVIG) immunotherapies in recurrent spontaneous abortions in Hungary
The role of the cytoskeleton in foeto-maternal immunotolerance
Participation of CB1 receptor in the embryonic resorption induced by LPS
Functional polimorphisms of TNFA and VGEF genes amongst infertile females with genital endometriosis
High field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) provides a fast assessment tool to determine and quantify functional zones of placental architecture in three dimensions (3D) of murine placentas: a comparison to classical histology
Preimplantation factor (PIF*) contributes significantly to the prediction of pregnancy after single embryo transfer
Potential parameters to establish differential role of NK cells in unexplained recurrent abortion versus implantation failure patients
Biomarkers of coagulation, inflammation and angiogenesis are independently associated with preeclampsia
Human chorionic gonadotropin induces the production of IL-10 by B cells
Trophoblast and embryonic stem cell markers are expressed in villous trophoblast of healthy, human 1st, but not 3rd trimester, placentae
Peripheral CD19+CD5+ B-1a B cells are increased in patients with preeclampsia and secrete AT1-AA antibodies
Cytogenetic and stem cell marker characterization of HTR8/SVneo and JEG-3 cells
Increased prevalence of undiagnosed celiac disease among women with recurrent pregnancy loss: experience in Spain
Elastin metabolism before and after IVIG therapy in recurrent pregnancy losses
Blocking factors in serum from recurrent pregnancy loss patients and from imminent aborters were detected by modified complement-dependent cytotoxicity test
Mesenchymal pluripotent stem cells isolated from fertile and infertile human endometrium
Regulation and human chorion gonadotropin (HCG)-dependent modulation of pregnancy zone protein (PZP) in normally progressing and failing human pregnancies
Effects of anti-angiogenic peptide, ABT-898, on vascularization of human endometriotic lesions and fertility outcomes in a mouse model
Pro-coagulant capacity of syncytiotrop-hoblastic microparticles (STBMS)
Efficacy of gamma synuclein inhibitor, TAT-P12, on survival of human endometriotic lesions in a mouse model
The relationship between amniotic fluid and serum cytokines levels with CD146 in women with preterm labor risk
Stromal cell-derived factor-1 recruits putative endothelial progenitor cells for neoangiogenesis and support endometriosis lesion development
Coeliac disease affects pregnancy outcomes. How?
Intravenous immunoglobulin therapy in patients with recurrent miscarriages: successful outcomes in a pre-selected cohort
Analysis of granulosa cells by single cell PCR
Syncytial nuclear aggregates, carriers of fetal alloantigens
The influence of endocrine and immune systems on the ovarian reserve of women with infertility and autoimmune thyroiditis
Human embryonic stem cells: immunobiology of naïve cells and their genetically modification
Changing of alcohol-induced oxidative stress and cytokine levels in alcoholic pregnant rats and their offspring
Reduction of preeclampsia related complications with with the no-donor penterythriltetranitrat (PETN) in risk pregnancies - a prospective randomized double-blind placebo pilot study
Pro-coagulant capacity of syncytiotrophoblastic microparticles
A novel bioinformatics approach for identifying the genetic contributions to preeclampsia
Study on the HLA-DQA1 and HLA-DQB1 haplotypes in patients with recurrent miscarriage
Effect of mycotoxins on the development of perinatal-induced asthma protection by endotoxin in the offspring
The prevalence of syphilis among high risk behavior group of men in Rajshahi City of Bangladesh
Strem-1 levels are elevated in maternal serum during term and preterm labour
The role of Toll-like receptors and nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain proteins in uterine epithelial cell responses to live and heat-killed chlamydia trachomatis
Type III interferon-mediated anti-HIV responses at the uterine mucosal epithelium
Antiviral responses of stromal fibroblasts in the female reproductive tract
Estradiol diminishes HIV-infection in CD4+ T cells and macrophages
Role of IL-22 in protecting mucosal barrier disruption by HIV-1
Uropathogenic E. coli induce different immune response in testicular and peritoneal macrophages: implications for testicular immune privilege
Effect of endogenous and exogenous sex hormones on HIV entry and replication within primary genital epithelial cells
Transmitted/founder virus infectivity in cells derived from blood and female reproductive tract tissue
GM-CSF treatment enables mice transgenic for CD4-specific expression of human CD4, CCR5 and cyclin T1 to support in vitro and in vivo HIV infection
Current concept of HIV pathogenesis in the female genital tract
Possible importance of the HIV-1 mutations in vertical transmission and frequent anti retroviral drug resistance mutations in 1 protease and reverse transcriptase genes in antiretroviral-naïve children