Placental macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) in health and infection-associated gestation
Natural killer and dendritic cell liaison: recent insights in reproduction
Galectin-1 in reproduction
Vascular endothelial growth factor and β-hCG are associated with trophoblastic invasion into the tubal wall in ectopic pregnancy
Unveiling the physiopathology of preeclampsia: studies on immunoregulatory and angiogenic factors
Biochemical, biometrical and behavioral changes in offspring of sleep deprived animals
Proportion of invariant NKT cells in peripheral blood, placenta and umbilical cord blood in early-onset preeclampsia
Routine prenatal tests in a country with different scenarios of resources
The association of IL-6 and human Treg with a successful pregnancy
Innate immunity and implantation: finding the connection
Pravastatin prevents the onset of preeclampsia in c1q deficient mice
The study of the placenta as a possible predictor of vitamin A deficiency
Cytokine regulation of human uterine NK cell activity
Hypoxia, placental metabolic reprogramming and the initiation of fetal growth restriction
The situation of preeclampsia in Argentina
T cell immunity and recurrent pregnancy loss: Th1/Th2/Th17 and Treg cells
Establishment of the feto-maternal interactions in caviomorph rodent placentas and their implications as animal models for human placentation
Prevention of preterm birth
Passive acquisition of protective antibodies reactive with Bordetella pertussis in newborns via placental transfer and breastfeeding
Immunomodulatory factors involved in the generation of the maternal-placental interface: relevance of VIP
Fetal DNA in the maternal circulation and noninvasive prenatal diagnosis
Antisperm immunity in natural and assisted reproduction
Strategies of maternal immunization to modulate the development of allergic response and pathogen infections
Fetal growth restriction in hypothyroidism is associated with changes in proliferative activity, apoptosis and vascularization of the placenta
Long term health risks in women with preeclampsia
Immunological approaches towards the understanding of mammalian fertilization
Increasing of nitric oxide produced by uterine natural killer cells predicts lps induced pregnancy loss
Maternal-fetal oxygen delivery and consumption under conditions of chronic hypoxia reveal the role of hypoglycemia in initiating intrauterine growth restriction
Oral Presentations Young Researchers (Brazil) Evidences of uterine Natural Killer cells functional heterogeneity
Roles played by SDF-2 in the placental physiology
Copy number imbalances detected by a whole genome BAC-array CGH in fetuses with congenital malformation and normal karyotype
Maternal and placental IL-10 and TNF-α concentrations in pregnancies with mild gestational hyperglycemia or gestational diabetes mellitus or type 2 diabetes mellitus
First Prize Sd(a)-antigen (NeuAcα2-3[GalNAcβ1-4]Galβ1-4GlcNAc-) expression on mouse uterine natural killer cells
Signal through myd88 pathway is important to the development of pathology in pregnancy-associated malaria
Pregnancy-associated Malaria recrudescence intensifies pathology in primigravida
Novel mouse uterine natural killer cell subsets expressing cd8a receptor related to cytotoxic response
Morphological and pathological effects of Cassia angustifolia ininitial in development of mice pregnancy
Fetal growth restriction in hypothyroidism is associated with changes in proliferative activity, apoptosis and vascularization of the placenta
Second Prize MyD88 signaling is important to pregnancy-assoiated malaria pathogesis
Assessment of glycoconjugates expression in the uterus of normal and genetically modified pregnant mice
Detection of der p-specific antibodies and free allergen in human breast milk: evidence of breastfeeding protection against allergic asthma
LPS induces sickness behavior and uterine morphophysiological changes in pregnant mice
First Prize VIP-contribution to the induction and recruitment of regulatory T cells in an in vitro model of maternal-placental interaction
Second Prize Protective effect of melatonin on lipopolysaccharide (LPS) induced preterm labor
Third Prize Interactions between DC and NK cells modulate vascular responses during implantation
Poster Presentations Angiogenic factors in women with preeclampsia: preliminary results
ABO antigens in seminal plasma and sperm-cervical mucus interaction
Placental indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) activity is decreased in renal-transplanted pregnant women
TNF-A , IL-6 and IL-10 polymorphisms in overweight pregnant women: preliminary results
VIP modulates the expression of RANTES and the recruitment of iTregs on endometrial stromal cells
Pregnancy, diabetes and adiponectin: genotype and phenotype
Antisperm antibodies in women whose husbands present immunology factor
Cryopreservation effect and Basigin expression on pig sperm membrane
Semen prostaglandins drive dendritic cell differentiation towards a non-inflamatory profile
Macrophages in testes of infertile men: regulation by melatonin
Immune response and fertility of male mice immunized with a plasmid encoding the cDNA of human proacrosin
Anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies bind to trophoblast cells and promote apoptosis: can contribute to gynecoobstetric complications of celiac disease?
S100A7 is present in human sperm and Fallopian tubes
Endometrial decidualization in mice depends on the dialogue between uterine DC and NK cells
Evaluation of the immunogenic properties of testicular sperm protein CRISP2 and its potential relevance for fertility
Participation of the endocannabinoid system on the protective effect of progesterone in peripheral blood mononuclear cell