New Insights into the Relationship between Viral Infection and Pregnancy Complications
Maternal and Fetal Factors that Contribute to the Localization of T Regulatory Cells During Pregnancy
The TLR2 Ligand FSL-1 and the TLR5 Ligand Flagellin Mediate Pro-Inflammatory and Pro-Labour Response via MyD88/TRAF6/NF-κB-Dependent Signalling
IL-1 Receptor Blockade Prevents Fetal Cortical Brain Injury but Not Preterm Birth in a Mouse Model of Inflammation-Induced Preterm Birth and Perinatal Brain Injury
Down-Regulation of TIMP3 Leads to Increase in TACE Expression and TNFα Production by Placental Trophoblast Cells
Luteinizing Hormone Contributes to Fetal Tolerance by Regulating Adaptive Immune Responses
Intravenous Immunoglobulin G Modulates Peripheral Blood Th17 and Foxp3+ Regulatory T Cells in Pregnant Women with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Alloimmune Neonatal Neutropenia in Croatia during the 1998–2008 Period
Experience in IVIg Therapy for Selected Women with Recurrent Reproductive Failure and NK Cell Expansion
Genetic Considerations in Human Sex-Mate Selection: Partners Share Human Leukocyte Antigen but not Short-Tandem-Repeat Identity Markers
Polymorphisms in Inflammatory Genes are Associated with Term Small for Gestational Age and Preeclampsia