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Vitamin D3 pretreatment protects against lipopolysaccharide‐induced early embryo loss through its anti‐inflammatory effects
The lack of natural processes of delivery and neonatal intensive care treatment lead to impaired cytokine responses later in life
Current concepts in maternal–fetal immunology : Recognition and response to microbial pathogens by decidual stromal cells
Circulating endothelial cells, circulating endothelial progenitor cells, and von Willebrand factor in pregnancies complicated by hypertensive disorders
Progesterone‐driven local regulatory T cell induction does not prevent fetal loss in the CBA/J×DBA/2J abortion‐prone model
Peach gum polysaccharides improve the spermatogenesis of KKAy mice with impaired reproduction system
Surfactant protein D regulates murine testicular immune milieu and sperm functions
Neutrophil extracellular traps in acute chorioamnionitis : A mechanism of host defense
Human chorionic gonadotropin potentially affects pregnancy outcome in women with recurrent implantation failure by regulating the homing preference of regulatory T cells
Comparison of sampling methods to measure HIV RNA viral load in female genital tract secretions