The LEC-CAMs: An Emerging Family of Cell-Cell Adhesion Receptors Based upon Carbohydrate Recognition
The Importance of Mouse, Rat, and Dog Mast Cell Lines
A Chemical Mismatch Cleavage Method Useful for the Detection of Point Mutations in the p53 Gene in Lung Cancer
Establishment of Two Dog Mastocytoma Cell Lines in Continuous Culture
Cyclic Biaxial Strain of Pulmonary Artery Endothelial Cells Causes an Increase in Cell Layer-associated Fibronectin
Human Ciliated Bronchial Epithelial Cells: Expression of the HLA-DR Antigens and of the HLA-DR Alpha Gene, Modulation of the HLA-DR Antigens by Gamma-Interferon and Antigen-presenting Function in the Mixed Leukocyte Reaction
Characterization of Normal Human Lung Lymphocytes and Interleukin-2-induced Lung T Cell Lines
Expression of Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator by Rat Pulmonary Alveolar Epithelial Cells
Hypoxic Contraction of Cultured Pulmonary Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
Expression of Mucin Synthesis and Secretion in Human Tracheobronchial Epithelial Cells Grown in Culture
Fatty Acid Supplementation Protects Pulmonary Artery Endothelial Cells from Oxidant Injury
Surfactant Apoprotein A (SP-A) Is Synthesized in Airway Cells
Human Alveolar Macrophage and Blood Monocyte Interleukin-6 Production
Myofibroblasts and Subepithelial Fibrosis in Bronchial Asthma