A Mn(2+)-enhanced, RGD-dependent adhesion technique for isolation of adult rat type II alveolar epithelial cells for immediate functional studies.
Regional expression of CFTR in developing human respiratory tissues.
Effect of extracellular ATP and UTP on fluid transport by human nasal epithelial cells in culture.
Intraperitoneal in vivo gene therapy to deliver alpha 1-antitrypsin to the systemic circulation.
Effect of furosemide on prostaglandin synthesis by human nasal and bronchial epithelial cells in culture.
Identification of IgE-bearing cells in the late-phase response to antigen in the lung as basophils.
Disparate role of the beta 2-integrin CD18 in the local accumulation of neutrophils in pulmonary and cutaneous inflammation in the rabbit.
Characterization of exosurf (surfactant)-mediated suppression of stimulated human alveolar macrophage cytokine responses.
Scleroderma bronchoalveolar lavage fluid contains thrombin, a mediator of human lung fibroblast proliferation via induction of platelet-derived growth factor alpha-receptor.
Surfactant protein A labeling kinetics in newborn and adult rabbits.
Modulation of surfactant protein D expression by glucocorticoids in fetal rat lung.
Lectin-mediated interactions of surfactant protein D with alveolar macrophages.
Cell cycle-dependent expression of cyclin D1 and a 45 kD protein in human A549 lung carcinoma cells.
Adenovirus E1A 13S gene product up-regulates the cytomegalovirus major immediate early promoter.
Expression of heat shock proteins in human lung and lung cancers.
Heterogeneity of sulfated microdomains within basement membranes of pulmonary airway epithelium.